August 7, 2015

Glow in the Dark!

She was in a dark tunnel, away from light for such a lengthy time that she could not recollect how much time had passed. It just felt like eternity. It was so long that she had forgotten what LIGHT felt like. She couldn’t reminisce what it felt to sense the WIND. It was DARK for so long that she didn’t recollect a clearer vision. She wondered what it was to have a clear pathway without stones and thorns. She failed to recall a life without agony.

Like always, initially, there was HOPE. HOPE that she will escape the dungeon and have a better life, HOPE that she will discover the LIGHT once more, a HOPE that she could be for once cheerful and carefree. Alas! With passing time and struggle, with isolation and nightmares she didn’t realize as to when HOPE was replaced by FEAR. For her, now HOPE ceased to exist only to swap with FEAR OF THE UNKNOWN.

FEAR of having to permanently live in captivity of negative circumstances, FEAR of being bound to darkness forever, Fear of having only a mere determination in life, that to get out of the chaos. FEAR, that the lines of struggle and creases of pain were now evident in her skin and face. Finally, with the passing time and long ordeal she had reached a juncture, where FEAR too gradually perished.

She couldn’t comprehend how or when, but this dark tunnel had indeed transformed into an entire life. “HER ENTIRE LIFE”. The burrow from which she yearned to get out someday, the darkness she had thought she would fight off, the pain & suffering she thought would in due course subside had sadly turned out to be her entire life.

After the lengthy struggle, she had managed to convince herself that this was the END. She came in terms with reality, got used to the shadow, the coarse path, putrid air and a land without rain. She embraced the life of long enduring pain and trauma only to be stunned to see something awaiting ahead.

She didn’t know as to how it was possible for her to see things clearly in the pathway ahead. But, there it was! When she least expected it or probably did not want it anymore. When HOPE had died and LIFE had lost its meaning, there was the LIGHT! She could see a ray, a ray of sunshine. She could see the greenery, she could feel the wind brushing against her now grey hair.

She was right when she deemed it as THE END! It was an end indeed! But, there was LIGHT at the end of the tunnel. She stepped out of darkness and the light engulfed her. It was a sight to watch.
You really could not tell who wanted whom more. She wanted the LIGHT or did the LIGHT want to shine on her.

P.S: This article is a mere figment of my imagination of how there always will be happiness around albeit hidden. Your struggle may be too lengthy, may seem meaningless and you could succumb to being pessimistic and depressed. But, you just have to go with the flow, be optimistic because you do sooner or later reach a place in Life where there is a very bright LIGHT! LIGHT that will no more diminish.
I do see the ray today! My Ray of Sunshine!

Cheers to Life,