June 12, 2015

All that you are!!

You are not,
The inaccessible shooting star I saw from the park,
Or the magnificent fireworks that sparkles in the sky so dark!

You are not,
The mad rush of a tequila shot with a lime,
Or the smell of a dish garnished with thyme!

You are not,
The colorful rainbow far out of my reach,
Or the delicate sand castles built on a beach!

You are the instrumental music I listen to when I am distressed,
You are the soothing cup of tea when I am stressed!
You are my woolen blanket in times that are cold,
You are a priceless jewel, not just ordinary Gold!
You are the gentle wind that brushes through my tresses,
You are everything I need and in abundance!!!

P.S: Four years into wedding, A blog was the least of the things I could dedicate to my husband;)

Happy Anniversary to both of us,
Haritha :)