May 16, 2015

An ode to Kindness

How would you like to be amongst people who are kind and generous? Great, isn't it? People who go in lengths to make you feel comfortable, who do not have a word “NO” in their dictionary? It would be awesome. Life will be uncomplicated. But, there is something that irks me about kindness. Something about it is very difficult.

A little kindness will surely feel nice. Then a little more of it, could invariably be a part of you or your personality. But, after a point wouldn't you expect kindness in return? Believe, me there are some who can be astonishingly unselfish. The ones who do not believe in this concept of return on investment. Others negligence somehow doesn't bother them but it infuriates me to see their kindness being taken for granted.

It bothers me how undeterred can these ‘KIND’ people be. Taking setbacks time after time and yet continue facing all the odds with a smile. Sometimes not being taken seriously enough because at the fag end its understood that this person will not create any fuss.  Most of us probably are the ones who “return the sentiment”. I for one, will always be a mirror image of who you are to me. You are kind I will be extremely sensitive to you. You mess up? Then I would ensure to make you feel the same. Why, you ask? Because that is the most easy way to move on, according to me.

What does you continue being kind despite knowing that people around you are a little meaner, a little more selfish, make you? I worry about this all the time for that one person. Does that make this person a fall guy?  Some people you come across are so virtuous that I worry if they will get all the goodness in return. I fear that these people who do not realize that their goodness will be forgotten amongst selfishness, jealousy and greed. They do not realize that world can be a mean place not because they are low on intelligence or impractical, but because they genuinely have a good heart. I wonder how they manage to keep their innocence at bay in this cruel world.

Even though I find it difficult to see them being nice, I guess their goodness does weave some magic in me. When I find the world nasty and callous, their conviction allows me to see the other side of the coin. When I worry being taken for granted, their presence reassures me that you can certainly be above these trivial things.  When I opine that my goodness may not be returned their actions reminds me that it will never go wasted.

I believe they are like those fragile beautiful roses that somehow willfully forget being surrounded by thorns. They bloom beautifully and spread their fragrance. But, fail to realize that slowly they will be exhausted, fade and eventually wither away. And, it will be the thorns that triumph.

 I worry for them, watch their every move to be able to warn them about the danger that lies ahead. Meanwhile, they astonish me with the strength they have in them to be untouched by this cold-hearted world.  They remind me that it’s easier being kind without regret than react only because one worries getting hurt. They assure me that it is all about spreading love and that I would get it back in ten folds. They remind me that it is about how warm you make people around you feel. For, it is only then that there will be some goodness left.

They remind me that in being a little more empathetic and sensitive your loved ones will know how much you love them, in case the sun would not rise tomorrow.

Thanking that one person for helping me cherish the goodness in me,

May 11, 2015

Intricate thoughts# 7

‘Grieving is very important’, she said.Vital to remain sane. She claimed it is a proof that she has let it go, let it pass. It’s an indication that she has accepted the harsh reality. The kid remained silent. Nodded his head. He was too young to even comprehend what he was being told. Now, it was another’s turn to console him on the loss of a loved one. They advised on how he should remain strong. He hung his head down staring at the ground, impassive.

Hundreds came and left. Some spoke in lengths others advised. Some cried hugging him, others just patted and walked away.

At night as he lay wide awake staring at the ceiling, inexpressive, he wondered whom is it that he should grieve for. The parent he lost or himself for having to live without them?

Just like the kid in the narration above, I often wonder, whom is it that one grieves for? Is it for the loved one on how his/her dreams will always remain incomplete? Or, is it for oneself on how can we continue living in their absence?

Do we grieve for that person saddened on how soon had death embraced them? Or, do we sympathize ourselves on why do we have to go through all this?

It is 99% always about us, isn’t it?

Mostly, we feel distraught about our own situation than of the person who actually passed away. We miss what they would have said, we miss what they would have cooked and we miss how much we would have been loved and cared for. We would not miss advising them but what they would have told. We would not miss accompanying them but being accompanied. We would not miss on how they would have been happy around us but vice versa.

 Is functioning this way, being selfish? Or is it just another miserable trait of being human?

Do you have a take on this?