June 15, 2014

My Daddy! My lifeline!

Somewhere cries of a baby filled up the silent night.
All attempts from rocking the cradle to the wonderful toys turned futile.
Finally she hushed up when he came by.

In another place was a toddler, who cried for no reason,
Then she was flung in the air but she sensed no treason.
Laughter filled the air when she realized she had got all his attention.

In other corner was a kid, who had just begun to walk,
She wept and wept after having a fall.
Soon, her tears vanished when he picked her up and began to talk.

In other part of the world was a kid, who fetched grades very bad,
With a tearful eye she returned home only to find her Dad.
He told he didn't care, coz he still had faith in her and that made her glad.

In every corner of the world you will find him,
Him, whose dreams are seldom spoken for his words are few.
But most of all, his worries go unnoticed too.

For he, never looks for praises or boasts, but goes on working hard for whom he loves the most!
He helps you with your math lessons and he teaches you how to drive,
A hand you can definitely hold onto in happiness and strife!

Thank you Daddy for loving us,
For unconditionally believing in us,
For all those times that in us you trust,
For all those moments of difficulty when you never created a fuss.

For allowing us to choose who we wanted to be,
For letting us create our own identity.
Thank you Daddy for not thrusting us with excess stress,
By telling what’s that the outside world expected us to be.

Thank you for listening and being our friend
And always extending a helping hand.

Thank you for all that you have always done,
Thank you for all that you will continue to do

But most importantly thank you for just being YOU!!

Love you Daddy
& wish you a very happy Father's day!

June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th!!

I woke up today only to realize that I am running late to work. But, then a smile creeps up my still asleep face recollecting that today is “the KFC day”. The same Friday my colleagues and I were waiting since… err.. Monday. :) My smile almost turns into a giggle when I reckon there is no cooking in the agenda. Also, that my Dad is visiting us tomorrow and my husband is returning home too from his visit to native.

Sipping tea, I glance at the newspapers which on normal weekdays I can’t lay my eyes on. But, I am disturbed by the horrific tunes that my brother apparently calls music. Yup! That bang-bang ranrdom noises is a wake-up alarm for him! He decides not to wake-up anyways! :(

I get set to my office happy that my bag weighs light without the lunch box. I ride to office with KFC in my mind and humming some tunes to myself. The traffic however decides to annoy me. Looks like everyone in vicinity have to travel by the exact same roads as I. There are people walking on roads and vehicles on footpaths. “Mayhem”! I exclaim to myself. Cursing and ranting as to how everyone are in a hurry, I continue my ride. Since, the shortcuts are already jammed, I decide to take on the main roads and patiently wait in the signal. Because I realize that I am certainly not running out time. The first signal towards silk board takes me 15 minutes to get through. Phew! I wonder if the decision wasn’t that wise because I have 2 more even worse signals in the making. But, showing some faith to my own decision I continue. By the time I cross silk board junction I realize I have somehow turned from the sophisticated lady with very good vocabulary into an impatient person who can swear at any random person. Conclusion- Bangalore traffic can create alter egos!

I, who invade through the traffic, enraged, riding on the footpath yell at a guy who is dodging with vehicles on the road as to- “For god’s sake, there is no zebra crossing here.” Yup! I do not stop to wait for him pointing at me for being on the footpath. I just scoot away. Hastily, I come to screeching halt seeing the lights go to red from yellow. In that relaxing 60 seconds, I realize I have just turned into a absolute freak.

But, KFC chicken again lingers in my head and I smile. Happy! Again. I decide to discard my impatient self and adopt the cooler one instead. Within seconds there is this car in front of me driving so slowly without letting me overtake it . Exactly! I have no control as my alter ego takes over. I decide not to let him win. After trying to sneak in through the left then the right, finally I overtake him.

The victorious feeling and the winning smile takes over as I am happy and relaxed until I hear a thud, feel my ankle twisted, knees scraped, flying in the air right in front of my damn office. I turn around and see a helping hand, grab it without bothering to look at the face and try to scoot AGAIN. Alas! This time my activa is lying by on one side and I have to seek help to lift it. I hush up all the concerned colleagues assuring its nothing and ride it down into the parking lot  only to realize that my vehicle is damaged. On my way up, I feel the pain in my ankle and calf muscles realizing that the fall wasn’t that silly after all. By the time I reach my cubicle I am slightly limping but do not mention the incident to the team. Its then that the pain takes over and I know I can’t escape the curious glances of my team mates when I limp and blurt out the truth.

Next moment, there are pain relief sprays on my desk and my entire bay smells of medicines. Everyone unanimously drop the KFC idea as I can’t walk that far (which is actually close). We end up eating our very own INDIAN Biryani in a restaurant that’s like.. err.. in the building next to my office. By afternoon, my husband calls to inform the change in plans and that he will reach by Sunday. It is 3 PM and my ankle is so swollen that I decide to leave home early. By 5, I had mastered the art of limping. The pain however, had reached its limit. Within hours, I am on my bed with my foot resting on a dozen pillows. However, this time around I successfully managed reaching home in a vehicle that screeched all the way as though it suffered a great deal when compared to me.

Looking at my ceiling, cursing the fan that for no apparent reason had stopped functioning, I realize that the long awaited KFC never happened. But, ultimately what happened is that I have a swollen ankle, damaged vehicle, a fan that isn’t working, husband who cancelled his plans and also mastery in art of limping.

Taking a deep breath, I exclaim to myself- “This had to be. After all it is Friday the 13th!!”

Hope you had a lucky day,

June 11, 2014

My world, My happiness!

You taught me to smile,
You made me feel worthwhile!
You taught me to live,
You made me in myself believe!

Your's were the words I could trust,
Your's was the hand I could hold!
You filled the void in me,
You hid the vulnerability of my soul!

You are the first ray of sun that hits my still-asleep face,
The air I breathe and water that quenches my thirst!
You are the root that keeps me on ground,
And a refuge where, happiness I found!

We've had our good times and the bad ones,
The music we disagreed on and the lyrics that bound us,
The things we said that we shouldn't have; but never said what we actually meant.

We fight. We smile. We live. We cry.
Not only with each other but for each other too.
The rest of the world on one side, and you on the other,
I had still pick you!

We are each other's sweetest dreams,
We are the best of friends and more!

Something’s will never change.
Not when questioned,
Not when we fight,
Not when we disagree,
Not even when we are out of sight!

You are the path that leads me to the place where I find peace again!
You are the strength that keeps me going,
A hope that allows me to be trusting,
You are the light to my petrified soul,

You are all I ever wanted and will always need!!!

P.S: A decade of having known each other and into 3 years of wedding; all I can say is wonderful years have passed but I am certain there are even better ones to come!