April 26, 2014

Life- so full of you, yet so empty!!

The surroundings remain same except for the house I grew up.
Her clothes still rest in the same closet; only lying unused now.
Some pages still has her writings, yet other sheets will always be incomplete.
Everything is so full of her yet so very empty!

All I have are her memories,
The same ones which I live time and again,
What if this too will?
Eventually fade away!

It is bothersome to identify how very helpless one is,
How much ever we dislike, life hits abyss.
Finally we have to watch them go,
And will cherish their memories is all one can vow.

The memory that with time, will eventually fade,
A promise, that one will unintentionally betray.
Our memories live with us despite their absence.
And life will be always full of them, yet so very empty!

P.S: It was my Mom's birthday yesterday and just like the past 10 years this year too continues without her around.. 

Happy B'day Mom,

April 24, 2014

This is so Me!!

I am a song; the kind of song that you will have to hear over and over again to like. Other times I feel like the sand; that easily slips away even before you realize! I am that wind; which you will feel hitting your face. But, when you try to contain it, you know how miserably you fail. I may stay for hours amidst all; and never make an impression. Yet, when I am absent you will feel the vacuum. I am at other times like a tear; tear, which accompanies you in all your hardships; yet never considered worthy. Certain times, like those words that will always fall short when you describe your feeling. There are times I feel like that chirping bird, which you can never imitate. Else, like flames that can self-deprecate!

I am more like a story long told and lost; a tune that was never ever hummed, lyrics that was never written and just like the time that shall always pass! 

I am all of this.. Who are you?