January 11, 2014

Little Pleasures!

Are you a person who can let go of your things easily? Can you do it without giving it a second thought? Without batting an eyelid?
I can’t. Selfishness, you pronounce? Initially, I gave excuses. But now, I have come to terms with it.

Why else would I have those silly greeting cards for years now? Any reason, why I even treasure the gift wrappers from the gifts I receive? Only one set of the Ear-rings which are of no use to anybody, still occupy my drawers in dressing table. Loved one’s belongings, inspite of their permanent absence remains untouched. A broken coffee mug, crushed papers, old note books still surround me.
Where are my riches hidden you ask? Ha! You don’t have to rack your brains. For it exists, in places which you cannot comprehend. It's tucked within lots of random papers in a file. It could be in an old unused bag or a wallet. It could be found hidden between heaps of clothes in my cupboard in forms of books or any accessories. Or it may lay crushed away, with all its fragrance and colour lost  in one of the notebooks.
Ever watched an old video you shot with a long lost friend? Or any photographs from long time back?  Don’t you feel happy? Doesn't a smile light up your entire face?
I smile a lot when I go through those tiny gifts, hand written cards, old college note books especially the last pages. Everything feels like before, when I open my Mom’s or Granny’s closet and I find it all exactly the same even after years. None of it missing.

Happiness is when something can make you smile. And I have loads of them. Cherished and treasured very well!
It’s the silliest of the jokes that makes you laugh. Likewise, it’s the silliest, almost useless and bizarre things I have cherished that gives me gratification.
In little things lies lots of pleasure!

Happy New Year!