October 25, 2014

Diwali's aftermath

“Diwali is
A festival of lights,
When good won over the evil,
When the right outdid the wrong,
When the light outshined the darkness,
When the demons were defeated.

A festival of colors,
When everything is bright and positive,
When the lamps rekindle the faith,
When there is sweetness in food and talks,
When there are celebrations all around.”

These pictures are taken on the day of Diwali. Everything feels so vibrant and vivacious. If this is what the festival is all about, then what is wrong with the picture below?

Diwali Aftermath
Somebody said- "A picture speaks a thousand words." I wonder how many words it would be if you were to compare the two pictures above. How much ever you want the first picture to be represent your Diwali celebration, the second one comes in the same package. In Bangalore, driving during Diwali is almost like entering an area full of land mines. It can set off when you least expect. Despite this, people who do not believe in crackers can still be large hearted and say this all just a part of festival.

We are a strange bunch of people. Speak about a change and others will get the emotion of tradition and culture leaving you with no choice than to shut up. Well, I really doubt if the second picture has to do anything with our tradition. It is funny but you clean every nook and corner of your house for days inviting Goddess Lakshmi only to later turn around and dirty the entire locality you reside in with toxic wastes. For now, forget the poison in the air, there is nothing we can do about it apart from the fact that crackers are banned forever which is not going to happen in the near future. But, the wastes from diyas and crackers can be easily disposed. Alas! The irresponsible citizens that we are, we choose not to do so.

If this is the aftermath of a festival celebration in our country, I would rather not have a festival like this. To claim, that it is a festival of lights and colors all sounds very fancy and probably appealing, but to profess that you stay in a clean India will never be a reality with irresponsible citizens like all of us.

Maintaining tidiness is as important as you teach your kids to be safe with crackers.

Own and clean up your mess,
Happy, safe and a CLEAN Diwali!


September 19, 2014

An open Letter to 'The Times of India'

To figure out what my blog is all about, you need to check this article by Ms. Shiba Kurian. This article was published in “Times of India” early this year. It is one of the worst drafted articles a leading newspaper like TOI could print.

Ms. Shiba Kurian,
The Times Of India.

Even before I put forth my opinions about your article or why was I astounded to read it, I want to make it crystal clear that neither do I support any of the crimes stated in the article nor do I claim that this particular state is free of such crimes. I totally stand by my prior article of Delhi rape case and maintain the fact that the men who commit such ghastly crime should be hanged till death.

But, what I disapprove of in this article is the content and the title in itself! I believe in the saying “Pen is mightier than sword”. Hence, I would like to remind you that you have this intangible power of creating and changing perceptions since you are a reporter. I strongly recommend you to use it for the better. Accusing the criminal is one thing (the right thing) but questioning all the men who belong to that particular region is bizarre. Further, pointing out that these men are mentally ill, indulge in alcohol and according to some person’s perspective all men in Kerala treat women as sex object is absolutely ridiculous and absurd!

These are the points you have to keep in mind:

Firstly, being mentally unstable isn’t limited to one region. 
Secondly, neither do all rapists consume alcohol when they indulge the crime nor do all who consume alcohol commit rape. 
Thirdly, a criminal is not directly proportional to the entire population of that state. 

Going by the lucidity in your article, one can easily claim that all Muslims are terrorists and that all Bihari men can commit rape effortlessly (Men accused in Delhi rape was from Bihar). This is just a judgment which an uneducated and irresponsible citizen can pass. As a refined citizen, you have to educate others on how not to stereotype. It is us YOUTH who have to change the historical way of thinking so that the generation next have a mind of their own and do not take sides based on the ethnicity, race, religion of another. But this article is of such poor eminence!

Neither, do I claim that people with mental instability do not live in Kerala or that alcohol consumption isn’t on the rise nor that all men treat women equally in that province. But, don’t these facts prevail in every society? It is the criminal’s immorality, low values and evilness that have to be emphasized as opposed to the place to which he belongs.

Well! The actual fact is-
Lots of cases pertaining to Rape go unregistered!
Several criminals are roaming free unnoticed!
Heaps of registered cases still lie in an old file, covered with dust; its pages worn out waiting to be attended!
And so are the moist eyes of the victims waiting to hear that her offender is finally punished!

As a reporter, your determination should be to work towards building a better nation where there is no room for stereotypes but your article clearly fails to do so. All the statistics you have mentioned is a waste when you conclude that it is more to do with alcoholism and mental instability.

It could be a twist of fate that you have written an article on Malayali men and I speak the same dialect. Having said that, I will maintain that this blog would have been addressed to you even otherwise. I strongly urge Times of India and other social media to discourage such articles since if this was to be right, then there will soon be a claim that entire gender of Men are personally responsible for such ghastly crimes. 

Speak up,

August 26, 2014

Inconspicuous Silence!

The beautiful hostess was dressed in an elegant flowing dark green gown with minimal golden floral work on it. She paired it up with heavy golden chandeliers (ear rings). Her hair was shiny wine-red and flowed effortlessly up till her waist curling at the edges. However, the big diamond ring on her finger lured everybody who attended the party hosted by one of the elite businessman in their city. He was well-known for conducting extravagant parties. This was mainly held for having successfully registered an NGO for women empowerment. All people well-educated, rich and famous had gathered. Nevertheless, none of them shared a good camaraderie with the hostess. The guests always felt that hostess was conceited and snobbish.

Some stated that she was younger to her husband by ten years while others argued it was twelve. They all thought of her as egotistical since she hardly greeted or welcomed the guests. Moreover, this day was supposed to be special since the party was held at their residence but she didn't bother to smile at people around.

While the ladies envied her, men craved for her attention. Ladies sympathized with her husband for having to tolerate her and the men were convinced that she will be easily available. Some women were happy to notice that her beauty is slowly fading away. She was by now used to these rants, gossips and unwelcomed stares from people and it did not bother her anymore. She very well knew that the precious rock in her finger would this time succeed in creating many more of gossip mongers around her. Lost in her own world, seated in a corner she sipped through the wine waiting patiently for the party to end and everybody to leave. Likewise, they all left thanking her husband.

As soon as she realized that the last guest left, she hurried to her room. Once done changing, she sat before the huge gold quoted antique dressing mirror and removed her make up gently. She sighed looking at herself trying to control the tears. The wrinkles on her face and dark circles around the eyes made her look much older. She kept staring at all the marks on her face. Reddish abrasions and bluish wounds were pretty obvious now that her make-up was undone. Finally, she removed her wig and stared at her receding hairline. She had lost quite a lot of hair. Her body was covered up with injuries, lesions and scars. 

Minutes later, she heard some footsteps coming up the staircase. A shiver ran down her spine when she realized that her drunken husband is coming towards the room. She gathered up all the courage, ran towards the door and slammed it shut. Sweating profusely with nervousness she double checked if she had secured the door. She ran to the corner of her room, hiding between the bed and the wall. Today, she knew she had an upper hand as he was totally drunk and wouldn't be able to overpower her or force her into anything that she was unwilling to do. She sighed at the irony that he who owns an NGO for women empowerment treats his wife callously.

The quiet night was then engulfed in his screams of obnoxious words. He then threatened her of the consequences she will have to face unlike the previous time when she had managed to escape as he smothered her face in an attempt to kill her. He did use his power and money to get away with the atrocities time and again. She very well knew that it would be a difficult day tomorrow. Wondering about the consequences and in fear she fell asleep. 

The next day was one of the worse days when she had to endure too much torture.
Every time tears rolled down her face, 
She would say, 
“I should have known, Love should never hurt this way!”

Yet, she continued bearing his terrible acts for reason best known to her. It had become her way of life. It’s sad that while people did notice the diamond ring on her finger, none observed the bruises on her face. She chose to live through an abusive marriage and accepted domestic violence. Everything presumed about her and her life was a lie.

P.S: Why is there no ending to this story you ask? Well! It is on purpose. It is because that is how a life of a victim of domestic violence remains. Domestic violence never ends but transforms into one’s entire life. The only solution here is to speak out or pack up your bags and leave for good. The latter is the best option but victims surprisingly do not gather up the courage to do so.

SPEAK UP AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE. Domestic violence is not confined to socio-economic, religious, ethnic, racial or age group and knows no geographical or educational boundaries. The victims somehow forget that nobody has the right to exploit or abuse them irrespective of the relation they share. If you know someone who is undergoing this, do not deem it as their “private matter” but help them. Make them understand that reasons like alcohol, poverty or general stress should not be accepted. Also, bring awareness that people will treat you the way you want to be treated. If you are willing to be suppressed and silent the abusers will only capitalize on the opportunity. Hence, it is the victim who has to make the big decision and bring about a positive change.

Speak Up- It's now or never,

July 19, 2014


Everybody is petrified of you. You scare all of us equally. The rich, the poor, the gallant and the lowborn. None can escape you. Nevertheless, no one wants you to reach any of our loved one. Even though you are fundamental and ultimate, everyone wants to believe that you cease to exist. You spare no one. We all know. Yet, we believe that you cannot reach us or anyone we love or are dependent upon. That you cannot one day just appear from nowhere and take them away creating an unfathomable emptiness crushing us from within.
But then you do come. You have to. That is how it is designed to be, right? At times, you give the indication of your arrival way before. But the most difficult times are when you just storm in and take away someone we love. You come despite knowing how unwelcomed you are. In spite of detesting you the entire time, when you take them, we sense a vacuum. A barrenness that can never ever be filled. Excruciating seems a weaker word for the pain you offer.
What is in it for you I wonder? What solace in it, do you seek? Do you feel empowered? If you do, you are wrong.  If you think barging in always and taking away someone every time will crush and deter us. You are wrong. Because, we are mere mortals. As strange as it sounds, we have this crazy mechanism called "getting used to". You succeed at shocking us the first time but not later, because we automatically learn the tactic to overcome it. But you, you can never do it differently. It is the same way always. The pain is the same always.
It’s weird. But, in the act of hurting us, you fail to realize we learn too. You teach, I guess. We learn how to walk the tight rope of hope and despair. We get crushed but still learn to gather up the pieces, sew them up again and start afresh. You steal our sanity and then reinstate it in us, what we thought was damaged beyond repair. It takes years for us to heal. Despite the fact that we have stopped hoping, you help us see the light beyond. Yes, we wonder later on if it does matter to have found the light, now? Since, we know that you can strike again without warning. And if that happens, these phases would all be a repetition.
Its then that the doubt seeps in. Is there actually a purpose to one’s life? Should there be one? Or is it just a fragment of our imagination. We spend our entire lifetime working on frivolous matters. You are never on the list. Wherein, you are the only thing that is inevitable. Irony is that we know this right from the start. After you appear more than once, everything seems futile. All of it. I sometimes, feel like there is no intrinsic value to our existence since we are totally insignificant. We are somehow prepared for everything that repeats and nothing can succeed to petrify us mortals. You too cannot change that fact - “DEATH”. 
Every time you strike and take away someone I know, you make me wonder if I am inching closer towards NIHILISM!


June 15, 2014

My Daddy! My lifeline!

Somewhere cries of a baby filled up the silent night.
All attempts from rocking the cradle to the wonderful toys turned futile.
Finally she hushed up when he came by.

In another place was a toddler, who cried for no reason,
Then she was flung in the air but she sensed no treason.
Laughter filled the air when she realized she had got all his attention.

In other corner was a kid, who had just begun to walk,
She wept and wept after having a fall.
Soon, her tears vanished when he picked her up and began to talk.

In other part of the world was a kid, who fetched grades very bad,
With a tearful eye she returned home only to find her Dad.
He told he didn't care, coz he still had faith in her and that made her glad.

In every corner of the world you will find him,
Him, whose dreams are seldom spoken for his words are few.
But most of all, his worries go unnoticed too.

For he, never looks for praises or boasts, but goes on working hard for whom he loves the most!
He helps you with your math lessons and he teaches you how to drive,
A hand you can definitely hold onto in happiness and strife!

Thank you Daddy for loving us,
For unconditionally believing in us,
For all those times that in us you trust,
For all those moments of difficulty when you never created a fuss.

For allowing us to choose who we wanted to be,
For letting us create our own identity.
Thank you Daddy for not thrusting us with excess stress,
By telling what’s that the outside world expected us to be.

Thank you for listening and being our friend
And always extending a helping hand.

Thank you for all that you have always done,
Thank you for all that you will continue to do

But most importantly thank you for just being YOU!!

Love you Daddy
& wish you a very happy Father's day!

June 13, 2014

Friday the 13th!!

I woke up today only to realize that I am running late to work. But, then a smile creeps up my still asleep face recollecting that today is “the KFC day”. The same Friday my colleagues and I were waiting since… err.. Monday. :) My smile almost turns into a giggle when I reckon there is no cooking in the agenda. Also, that my Dad is visiting us tomorrow and my husband is returning home too from his visit to native.

Sipping tea, I glance at the newspapers which on normal weekdays I can’t lay my eyes on. But, I am disturbed by the horrific tunes that my brother apparently calls music. Yup! That bang-bang ranrdom noises is a wake-up alarm for him! He decides not to wake-up anyways! :(

I get set to my office happy that my bag weighs light without the lunch box. I ride to office with KFC in my mind and humming some tunes to myself. The traffic however decides to annoy me. Looks like everyone in vicinity have to travel by the exact same roads as I. There are people walking on roads and vehicles on footpaths. “Mayhem”! I exclaim to myself. Cursing and ranting as to how everyone are in a hurry, I continue my ride. Since, the shortcuts are already jammed, I decide to take on the main roads and patiently wait in the signal. Because I realize that I am certainly not running out time. The first signal towards silk board takes me 15 minutes to get through. Phew! I wonder if the decision wasn’t that wise because I have 2 more even worse signals in the making. But, showing some faith to my own decision I continue. By the time I cross silk board junction I realize I have somehow turned from the sophisticated lady with very good vocabulary into an impatient person who can swear at any random person. Conclusion- Bangalore traffic can create alter egos!

I, who invade through the traffic, enraged, riding on the footpath yell at a guy who is dodging with vehicles on the road as to- “For god’s sake, there is no zebra crossing here.” Yup! I do not stop to wait for him pointing at me for being on the footpath. I just scoot away. Hastily, I come to screeching halt seeing the lights go to red from yellow. In that relaxing 60 seconds, I realize I have just turned into a absolute freak.

But, KFC chicken again lingers in my head and I smile. Happy! Again. I decide to discard my impatient self and adopt the cooler one instead. Within seconds there is this car in front of me driving so slowly without letting me overtake it . Exactly! I have no control as my alter ego takes over. I decide not to let him win. After trying to sneak in through the left then the right, finally I overtake him.

The victorious feeling and the winning smile takes over as I am happy and relaxed until I hear a thud, feel my ankle twisted, knees scraped, flying in the air right in front of my damn office. I turn around and see a helping hand, grab it without bothering to look at the face and try to scoot AGAIN. Alas! This time my activa is lying by on one side and I have to seek help to lift it. I hush up all the concerned colleagues assuring its nothing and ride it down into the parking lot  only to realize that my vehicle is damaged. On my way up, I feel the pain in my ankle and calf muscles realizing that the fall wasn’t that silly after all. By the time I reach my cubicle I am slightly limping but do not mention the incident to the team. Its then that the pain takes over and I know I can’t escape the curious glances of my team mates when I limp and blurt out the truth.

Next moment, there are pain relief sprays on my desk and my entire bay smells of medicines. Everyone unanimously drop the KFC idea as I can’t walk that far (which is actually close). We end up eating our very own INDIAN Biryani in a restaurant that’s like.. err.. in the building next to my office. By afternoon, my husband calls to inform the change in plans and that he will reach by Sunday. It is 3 PM and my ankle is so swollen that I decide to leave home early. By 5, I had mastered the art of limping. The pain however, had reached its limit. Within hours, I am on my bed with my foot resting on a dozen pillows. However, this time around I successfully managed reaching home in a vehicle that screeched all the way as though it suffered a great deal when compared to me.

Looking at my ceiling, cursing the fan that for no apparent reason had stopped functioning, I realize that the long awaited KFC never happened. But, ultimately what happened is that I have a swollen ankle, damaged vehicle, a fan that isn’t working, husband who cancelled his plans and also mastery in art of limping.

Taking a deep breath, I exclaim to myself- “This had to be. After all it is Friday the 13th!!”

Hope you had a lucky day,

June 11, 2014

My world, My happiness!

You taught me to smile,
You made me feel worthwhile!
You taught me to live,
You made me in myself believe!

Your's were the words I could trust,
Your's was the hand I could hold!
You filled the void in me,
You hid the vulnerability of my soul!

You are the first ray of sun that hits my still-asleep face,
The air I breathe and water that quenches my thirst!
You are the root that keeps me on ground,
And a refuge where, happiness I found!

We've had our good times and the bad ones,
The music we disagreed on and the lyrics that bound us,
The things we said that we shouldn't have; but never said what we actually meant.

We fight. We smile. We live. We cry.
Not only with each other but for each other too.
The rest of the world on one side, and you on the other,
I had still pick you!

We are each other's sweetest dreams,
We are the best of friends and more!

Something’s will never change.
Not when questioned,
Not when we fight,
Not when we disagree,
Not even when we are out of sight!

You are the path that leads me to the place where I find peace again!
You are the strength that keeps me going,
A hope that allows me to be trusting,
You are the light to my petrified soul,

You are all I ever wanted and will always need!!!

P.S: A decade of having known each other and into 3 years of wedding; all I can say is wonderful years have passed but I am certain there are even better ones to come!


April 26, 2014

Life- so full of you, yet so empty!!

The surroundings remain same except for the house I grew up.
Her clothes still rest in the same closet; only lying unused now.
Some pages still has her writings, yet other sheets will always be incomplete.
Everything is so full of her yet so very empty!

All I have are her memories,
The same ones which I live time and again,
What if this too will?
Eventually fade away!

It is bothersome to identify how very helpless one is,
How much ever we dislike, life hits abyss.
Finally we have to watch them go,
And will cherish their memories is all one can vow.

The memory that with time, will eventually fade,
A promise, that one will unintentionally betray.
Our memories live with us despite their absence.
And life will be always full of them, yet so very empty!

P.S: It was my Mom's birthday yesterday and just like the past 10 years this year too continues without her around.. 

Happy B'day Mom,

April 24, 2014

This is so Me!!

I am a song; the kind of song that you will have to hear over and over again to like. Other times I feel like the sand; that easily slips away even before you realize! I am that wind; which you will feel hitting your face. But, when you try to contain it, you know how miserably you fail. I may stay for hours amidst all; and never make an impression. Yet, when I am absent you will feel the vacuum. I am at other times like a tear; tear, which accompanies you in all your hardships; yet never considered worthy. Certain times, like those words that will always fall short when you describe your feeling. There are times I feel like that chirping bird, which you can never imitate. Else, like flames that can self-deprecate!

I am more like a story long told and lost; a tune that was never ever hummed, lyrics that was never written and just like the time that shall always pass! 

I am all of this.. Who are you?

February 7, 2014

My Life, My way!!

Nowhere, is where I belong,
This, I have claimed all along!
Yet, you curb my ways,
And I give in, not wanting to be a disgrace!!

Limitations, you set and always impede,
I dislike it and to you I plead!
Yet, you compel me to adhere,
And I agree, not wanting to be insincere!!

But now, I have had enough,
I will not let myself be cuffed!
Of my life, I will take charge,
Will not let you knock, let alone barge!!

I want to be left alone,
Want to be human, not live like a stone!
It’s my rules and my life,
Hence, will be happy even though in strife!!

Dam the society,
Am done being piety!
Will no more relent,
Nor ask anyone’s consent!!

Finally, to just let you know,
There is nothing to you, I owe!
I take my life back from you,

This is my final adieu!!

Live life your way,

January 11, 2014

Little Pleasures!

Are you a person who can let go of your things easily? Can you do it without giving it a second thought? Without batting an eyelid?
I can’t. Selfishness, you pronounce? Initially, I gave excuses. But now, I have come to terms with it.

Why else would I have those silly greeting cards for years now? Any reason, why I even treasure the gift wrappers from the gifts I receive? Only one set of the Ear-rings which are of no use to anybody, still occupy my drawers in dressing table. Loved one’s belongings, inspite of their permanent absence remains untouched. A broken coffee mug, crushed papers, old note books still surround me.
Where are my riches hidden you ask? Ha! You don’t have to rack your brains. For it exists, in places which you cannot comprehend. It's tucked within lots of random papers in a file. It could be in an old unused bag or a wallet. It could be found hidden between heaps of clothes in my cupboard in forms of books or any accessories. Or it may lay crushed away, with all its fragrance and colour lost  in one of the notebooks.
Ever watched an old video you shot with a long lost friend? Or any photographs from long time back?  Don’t you feel happy? Doesn't a smile light up your entire face?
I smile a lot when I go through those tiny gifts, hand written cards, old college note books especially the last pages. Everything feels like before, when I open my Mom’s or Granny’s closet and I find it all exactly the same even after years. None of it missing.

Happiness is when something can make you smile. And I have loads of them. Cherished and treasured very well!
It’s the silliest of the jokes that makes you laugh. Likewise, it’s the silliest, almost useless and bizarre things I have cherished that gives me gratification.
In little things lies lots of pleasure!

Happy New Year!