June 7, 2013

Rise above the ashes!!!

There was a point in time when only one thought troubled her. No matter, what she did, it refused to leave her. The helplessness, the dependency and the unfavorable situation had only managed to shatter her confidence. Worried she was, thinking it would only be sympathy that she would find for herself from others. For years, it had succeeded to overpower her sanity. She did not realize then. But, thinking of it now; she knows how miserable she was within. “What’s the great deal? All of us do go through such a phase” She now thought. A phase of life which you think is the hardest. One which seems like a tunnel which gets only darker. When you no more know how to get out of the mess. Something that she assumed would define everything about her from then on. But, with time the wounds healed. It didn’t hurt the same way anymore. Yet! It never let her be. It still reminded her of the void that existed. But, as life is meant to be; she savoured some of the good times too. Meanwhile, the void became less significant and weaker. She knew only self belief could do wonders. She also knew that she had to rise above the ashes. Life turned better. The nightmare reduced drastically. Finally, came a time when she knew what it is to be genuinely happy. The notion that, it would describe her and define her life was growing bleak. New things, new people and new outlook had all helped her create a new HER. She was no more deprived of feeling good things. Her smile managed to create a twinkle in her eyes. Everything seemed so much brighter and at the same time lighter. There came times, that she could recollect incidences which brought happiness, laughter as opposed to the bitterness and darkness she earlier felt. The dark passenger within her ceased to exist anymore. Or so she thought, until the day a phone call altered it all. It struck again. Death had managed to embrace its arms around another person in her life she was relied on. Even before she realized, the darkness came crawling back. Again she stood there helpless, not wanting to give in, unwilling to accept the defeat. The dark passenger that had long gone was now back, staring right into her eyes with a evil smirk hoping to make her realize how fragile she indeed was. But, this time around, she knew that giving up would mean end of her own existence.

Wiping away the tears, she whispered to herself- “I shall rise above the ashes.”

P.S: However worse or difficult the times today feel, all of us have to live to grow out of it one day.