December 22, 2012

Shattered Soul - Delhi Rape!

Even before thanking whosoever for the Mayan prediction going wrong, I wonder if it’s really worth living. The Delhi Gang-rape has being doing rounds in all leading news papers, TV channels and social media. I hear everybody expressing their anguish on this case and people offering their full fledged support to both the victims.The Media is lashing out everyone left, right, and center People have taken onto streets marching day and night to seek justice for her. Women right activists have displayed their wrath. BJP has not left a stone unturned to take onto Congress wherein Congress which is in soup now seems to get away by providing her a free intestinal transplant. The high court claims that civilians are losing Faith in the judiciary and has questioned the Delhi police as to where they were when the bus was doing rounds in Delhi streets for 45 minutes with a Girl being tortured by 6 psyched up, evil and soulless men. Little do they identify that all the police resources in India are paid more for the protection of our so called miserable politicians than safeguarding the citizens.

WTF is happening around? I just can’t make any damn sense when I hear cases like these and also agonizing cases like Baby Falak. Human trafficking, Prostitution, Begging rackets and Honor killing have become just mere terms. This Girl has been raped by six men after they assaulted the poor girl’s private parts with an iron rod, leaving her ribs broken and her intestine so badly damaged that the doctors had to cut it out since it turned gangrenous. Both the victims were then tossed on the street and died every minute there for almost an hour with nobody came out to help them. 

Meanwhile, our Goddamn Police who give their last minute entry (just like in the movies) claim that they failed to notice a Bus doing rounds in same street several times. Well! It’s so silly isn't it? How would the poor fellows notice, the bus had tinted glasses after all. These fat bellied officials didn't even remember that tinted glasses have been banned. Kudos! to the keen observations and memory power. The result of her being hospitalized has created the chain of events comprising of Women’s right activists, politicians, civilians and court. Finally, like a cherry on the desert Sonia Gandhi does a merciful act of visiting the Victim. And then the media cashes out on this tragedy framing every person who is crossing the way. 

Everyone around me claims that this is no normal situation. They say there is a huge outcry from the whole nation. They pronounce that the protesters have taken onto the street, there are mid-night marches and more so that celebrities have spoken up on the issue. All I have to say is, “You gotto be kidding me?” I have always heard these cries- “Hang them” and sorry I don’t find this thing any different. Heated discussions by prominent people on TV, blog posts like mine are not unusual. This happens every fucking time something so heinous takes place. What I am looking at is if something unusual happens. The chances of which seems very minute. 

I wish that Police act instead of offering consoling statements. I am sick and tired of signing all the petitions that comes into my inbox every time such horrendous crime happens. This time I haven’t. Not because I do not support her. But, the case is so brutal that she should get justice even without the damn petitions. Well, I do not think that any justice will serve for the torturous 45 minutes of her life. Her broken ribs, infected intestine can all be repaired (I pray). What about the damage to her soul? Nothing can ever be done. All, we can hope is no other human being undergoes such torture.

India seems to me like a godforsaken country. Politics, corruption, illegal activities are all so fucking interlinked that one who is inside cannot come out and one on the outside wont dare to get in. I say this because I don’t see a reason why none of the delhites helped these two victims when they lay on the road bleeding for one hour. None want to get their hands dirty. The question is why. Ours is a society which claims that a Girl invites Rape because of the clothes she wears. What a Girl chooses to wear is completely her business. However provocatively one is dressed, it doesn't mean that you are invited or that she wants to be exploited. What you touch is not only a piece of her cloth but her body and soul. No one ever has a right to touch her without her permitting it in whatever way you are related to her. Anyways, none can guarantee that if one is covered head to toe they become Rape- proof, Can they? 

Offences are becoming severe as days pass, petty crimes are turning into unforgivable sins, small smuggling into big time scams and yet the rules are fucking same. When everything is at your fingertip, getting justice out of all takes an entire lifetime. In fact you are unbelievably lucky if you get the deserved justice when you are alive. The age bar which was in 20’s five years ago has stooped down to 2 or 3 year old. Barbaric is all I can say? Why does one wait for a doomsday to end the world when you have such Satans roaming just around you? 

Crimes against women, women isn't treated equal. Come on! Wake up! these sexual abuses happen against men too. I am in no way taking any sympathies away from this very victim but that is the fact. Thinking of it, I wonder if one section of our society can ever accept that there are men in our society who too have undergone such wretchedness. 

The issue here is not mere Men. Not all Men are rapists. It is these godforsaken sickening psychotic people who get into such atrocious and dreadful acts which no sane minded, clear headed and morally right person can ever in his wildest dreams think of committing. These guys anyways have a half fucked up brain and know that they can get away with the kind of system we have in our nation. It’s high time to set an example and change the law. Proclaim castration or death as a sentence without batting an eyelid. Change the rules! And if any human right activists come into court where this verdict is given begging for fair justice for these barbarians cancel their license or whatsoever that exists. Nobody should ever think of giving them a benefit of life. Along with all this, one should ensure that kids get sex education in school. Parents should start it at home and let their son know that his sister too is an equal. If one can’t agree to this idea of girls being equivalent then first stop praying to all those Goddesses whom you believe and have faith in. 

Holy Shit! If you ask what should the punishment for these uncivilized, uncultured barbarians be. I simply don’t know! All I know Death itself would be way too less.