September 11, 2012


You believe that you know me in & out,
And this you state without any doubt.
I refuse to accept in all that you profess,
Today in you and everyone I have to confess!

There is more to me,
Than what you or anyone can see.
Behind this calm visage,
Endures a sea of lunacy!

I am like the feelings which can’t be articulated,
 Like the words that you could by no means define.
Like the depth of the ocean you never discovered,
Like the mountain that was in no way conquered.

Like the tiny grains of sand,
That slipped right through your hand.

Your idea of me is just an illusion,
Perhaps a figment of your own imagination.
When I say this, you have to believe,
That truth is not always what you perceive!

I am like any other face in crowd,
An individual with perfection flawed.
Do not ever try to follow or understand me,
Let me be a secret, let me be a mystery!

P.S: I happened to read an interview of a family member of a suicide bomber. This poem could be perception of that suicide bomber who betrays even her own family.


September 3, 2012

Sulking Skill

My loyalty with my blog seems to be going amiss for some time now. It has been months that I have had that urge or longing to write. To be honest, this attempt is also in a way, me coercing myself to make an entry into my blog. Some of them did ask me as to what is keeping me so busy that I do not write often.

It is now that I have seriously begun thinking over as to why is it that I had begun blogging in the first place. I believe firstly you should know what kept you going for so long to find out the reason why you don’t enjoy it anymore. And I now realize that it was for the sheer contentment it gave me. Nothing more nothing less! Probably the main reason I loved it was because it wasn’t linked with money. It never came with any conditions, baggage or deadlines. People, who want, read it and also gave me ideas on how to better myself. Some turned out to be regular readers while others went away as accidently as they entered my site.  Nobody expected me to blog within a set time frame and I wasn’t answerable to anyone too. I loved it because there were no responsibilities attached to it. Blogging slowly began transforming into a world where I had neither expected anyone to stay nor to leave. It was more like Live and Let Live.  I loved it even more because my diary entries drastically reduced and I didn’t need to find a place to hide it. ;)

Guess, it is important for all of us to do something not solely because it is expected out of us or because it is the most rightful thing and certainly not because it is a responsibility. Phew! There should be something you do only because you want it and for the love of it. Blogging was just that for me.

In recent times, I have lost that sense of gratification though. The only reason to this, I feel is repetitiveness. Whenever, I felt monotony killing me, I would blog for a change. But now, I guess this too has added itself in the list of repeating and is boring the hell out of me. Couple of readers did ask me if I wanted to write for some magazines or publications, the offer which I have politely declined. One viewpoint I always have is that the moment you attach money to something you love, it will ruin it totally. Moreover, I am sure that I will be at my worst display, if there were any topics specified on which I am supposed to write. I cannot survive on my writing skills with any set boundaries or walls. This is the exact reason I believe that I am not a great writer. I tried my hand in poetry, fictions, and short stories and actually took onto it on serious note when I realized people around me like it too.

one of the sketches I drew during a break in office.

Even before blogging I had chosen sketching to rescue me from the misery of uniformity. I could sketch in my room watching a movie and also my office desk during a break. Oddly, it did not succeed to keep me engrossed for long. I wondered why, until I took onto writing. The main reason would be because you can get trained in everything like Sketching, Painting, Singing, Dancing and Cooking. But writing isn’t the same. You can learn the grammar; you can be trained on what are nouns and adjectives. But, none can train you on how to write or maintain a flow in what you write which can keep the reader immersed.

Writing, I realized has the power where you can completely grab another’s attention into your work. You are capable of making the reader imagine things the way you want them to. They will have to read every line and page of what you have written to actually follow the ending. Whoa! That’s quite a lot of power. I do not believe in power that comes with position but this is purely flair! Devine in a way.
If this too isn’t able to keep me going, I wonder what will.

Muchas Gracious :)