April 26, 2012

The Free Spirit!!!

Biking was and will always remain fun. September 13th 2001! This was the day I got my first kinetic. I have to confess that I had begun learning to ride only because my Mom coaxed me. But, it did not take long for me to start loving it.

Biking to me meant FREEDOM. Until my graduation, I was a complete introvert and always dependent. Biking gave me a sense of being unstoppable, being able to choose my own path and somewhere probably allowed me to believe that I can to take control of myself and may be my life. Even though when I look back now and think otherwise, I guess if there is one thing any 16 year would want that would be INDEPENDENCE, and I was no different.

It did not take long for biking to again mean something different for me. From the normal jolly rides and freedom I realized during my graduation that it was my means of letting out my frustration too. I remember riding all alone without bothering as to what time of the day it is. I did not care if it was another hot afternoon in Mangalore or a lazy Sunday evening. On retrospection about it now, I realize one could easily define my mood based on my speed, if it was an inbuilt frustration or untold feeling, I would just zip away. If I drove slowly and swayed a little, I was surely singing to myself.  I felt that all the pent up emotions or the stress could never catch on me when I am on my bike!

Biking let me be a little careless, when life demanded me to be responsible. I can still recollect those long gone days when I used to find out all the excuses to get drenched in the lovely monsoons. Whoa! If my friend was in the pillion seat, we would splash the water, howl and then just scoot away.   What a feeling it used to be to enjoy the rains when everyone around would drive slowly and safely fully clad in raincoats and I would purposely drive into a pothole (which is in abundance) and splash water. If  my pillion rider would be someone I dislike or a person I would never want to ride with again, I would ensure that my kine gets into every potholes possible, so that this person would never ever dare to sit with me again. 

I still remember begging to almost all my friends who owned a motorcycle to teach that to me. Alas! I have always been unlucky in this front. L However, Biking had gone to complete different level during my masters when it was the  three of us friends who roamed in the two wheeler. Today, I realize the importance of adhering to the rules but back then we were simply lazy to go in for any other means for commuting. I would be the one who always rides since my friends couldn’t take triples. We were termed the “Three Stallions” in our college and this was renowned throughout the college.

Three Stallions of MBA dept :)

Biking just sets me free!!!

You ever had days like “what the crap”
When all your hope was just sapped!
When you felt that the lights went out,
And all you have is the doubt!

We all got them, I too had such a day,
But at the end of the day, I can only say

Its biking that sets me free, help to regain control,
It not only moves my body but also transforms my soul!
No pent up emotion or any stress of  life,
I think, can catch me when I am on my bike!

The wind on my face, the wheels underneath,
All of it I love, even the squeaks!!
A frame and two wheels, I am convinced,
For personal freedom is all you need!!

Having said all this, I do not think I would ever be able to define biking because I think that is what defines me. ;)

P.S: I couldn't write about the passion towards motorcycle because I neither owned one nor do I know to ride it. I hope the presence/absence of gears in the vehicle I ride will not make much of a difference.

Ride safely and wear helmets (I know it’s just not ‘in” but without it if you fall you will certainly be “out”)

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April 5, 2012


Eons ago, as a child when I saw my Auto driver thrash my friend and pull a 8 year old by his ear just for being late by 10 minutes I remember being scared and wanted to change everybody who were like him.

As I reached my sixth grade, when my friend lied of not stealing away my “HERO” Pen which was my favorite then, I remember being extremely angry at her and wanted to change her so that she speaks the truth.

I recollect politely and calmly refusing when a random 30+ stranger who sat next to me in the bus that strange Saturday (when I was returning home from School) had tried persuading me to go to movie with him or have an ice cream. Being just a 12 year old, I also remember the only voice ringing in my head aloud was that of my Grandma’s who time and again repeated how not to entertain strangers. I truly believe that I had escaped from something terrible that day. I had felt very terrible that day since all I did was lie to him and also because I was always taught that lying was a sin. But, eventually the lesson learnt was that lying at times certainly helps. Such experiences did continue even when I was in college and also when I travelled to work. And if given a chance, I would like to change all such perverts who have never ever been responsible their entire life, have in no positive ways contributed to the society, whom no individual will ever trust and hence try to find solace or whatever that godforsaken thing is called in kids or women, who they know can never even get close to the nasty things running in their already fucked up head.

As a teenager, when I saw my far relative hit his old parents ruthlessly or saw my neighbor hitting his wife, I learnt that along with good examples there are the bad ones too. Every kid probably does not get a happy home as I did. This was a learning of how one should never become. I wanted to change all such people who believed in instigating violence for reasons which would only make sense to them and never to us.

I do not recollect anything more of her than the yummy fish fry she cooked. She was some acquaintance of my Mom from native who used to come home only to cook delicious food for her Son. I wondered if her Son would relished her food the way we all at home did since he was admitted in the nearby hospital due to drugs intake. I heard all the devastating stories about him through the conversations my Mom and she shared and learnt how easily one can screw up their entire life with such addictions. I remember wanting to change all the addicts in such a manner that they never indulge in it then on.

The only thing I ever knew that happened after the 2000’s fever was the 9/11 tragedy. It was everywhere. It was on the TV, on the newspapers and had somehow succeeded to crawl into everyone’s talks, created a fear of such attacks in hearts of people who witnessed it directly or indirectly. Probably like most others, it was then that I came across the name for the first time Osama Bin Laden. I wanted to change every one, who like him used his religion as a shield and an excuse to spread terrorism and fear in the society. I hope when he finally died last year he had realized that by mentioning Jihad or Islam time and again the only thing he caused to his religion was a non acceptance in the whole world.

Almost ten years later my desire for change has only increased. I wonder how is it that I can prioritize on one issue and let go off another that also needs to transform. What if I gave you situations and ask you to choose as to what is it that you would want to change for the better?

Corruption, Forced Prostitution, begging rackets, Female Infanticide, Multiple Scams, undisclosed names of Swiss bank account holders, Ajmal Kasab (I am sure there isn’t a need to elaborate it), Match fixing scandals, Dowry deaths, Serial killers, honor killing, foolish and greedy politicians.. I don’t think my list would ever end.

Honestly! I never thought I could blog on this topic because if I choose one of this I will feel that another trivial issue has been let off. Hence, I wondered as to what is that one thing I would like to wish for, so that all the above mentioned things could change. My solutions, ranged from standard answers like being unselfish to having empathy towards another. But alas! None of them were worth an article until I ended up with one thing that is the most simple way to follow and probably can eradicate all of this from the root. And that’s CONSCIENTIOUSNESS!

Conscientious means an act that is done according to our conscience and conscience is that voice you listen to within yourself, which never fails to differentiate between the Good and the Bad. All we have to do is listen to it. I would like to recreate a World where all humans go back to listen to their conscience. This alone would take care of selfishness, jealousy and all the negativity that prevails. Indulging in this would result in “BUTTERFLY EFFECT”. For those who are unaware of this term, it is Chaos theory which states that a very small difference in the initial state of a physical system can make a significant difference to the state at some later time.

Today, I believe that everything is so very messed up and interlinked that we need to get into the root or the base. This could be achieved by being in a state where all of us are in conscientiousness which is directly influenced by our conscience. Then one would never end up finding a just born baby in a public Bin or reasons behind parents justifying honor killing. One would never hear the term “Black Money” or “scam”. This one change that I want would eradicate most of the negative things that’s dwelling within the society now.

Hence if I had the power to change something around me I would like to transform everyone to execute one little thing, and that’s “LISTENING TO THEIR CONSCIENCE” and I ensure that Chaos Theory of “The Butterfly Effect” will take care of the rest!
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Keep Smiling,