March 27, 2012

Intricate Thoughts # 5

I was wondering what this thing about judging another is. Ever thought why do most of you all go wrong in judging people? I have time and again come across people claiming the same and the typical dialogue goes- “I was a fool to have believed in him/her.” How can you measure a person for how much can you trust him? How do you know that he/she is not selfish enough and will stand by you, come what may?

The many answers that would come out is “Judge him/her based on the sacrifices they have made” or “He/ she always claim that he/she can do anything for me.” Or “He/she is very mature”. Do these things suffice enough for us to believe them or are these the only factors? I don’t think so.  What I think is if you find someone who can place you before him, if he can place his need after yours, if he has the patience to wait for the thing he wanted all his life and can in time support you to achieve your goal then I guess you can trust him. He is just worth it. Because you know that this person values you, respects your point of view and needless to say one of his desire in life would be that to fulfill yours.

Isn’t it easy this way? It can be applied to any kind of relation and if you are able to judge a person based on these qualities, I don’t think you will ever be disappointed. Well! For him to trust you, he should be able to see the same in you as well.

Do you know any other way to get your judgment about another person right?

March 21, 2012

In Jeopardy!

“Dodo! Ever heard of it?” had questioned one of my classmates in School when I was about 11. You too are wondering as to what is it just like the way I did then? For your information, Dodo is a bird which is extinct already. I remember this so well because that was the first time I realized that there was something apart from dinosaurs that doesn’t exist anymore. Those were the days of innocence. All we wanted was to prove to each other that we knew better. It was fun even though it may now seem sillier because we had to rely to our own sources to gather information. Today it’s all thanks to Google. Information is always available at your fingertips and somewhere I guess we humans have begun taking everything for granted.

Anyways, not digressing from the topic, it was only yesterday I realized that if someone were to ask anyone in India which is one species that is on the verge of extinction, everyone would have one answer. Tiger. Yes, it is but did we ever bother to think if there could be other species too?  There is one smaller creature which chirps around, has tiny wings which is mostly social and sadly now awaiting its end. It’s a Sparrow!

I read somewhere that the World Sparrow Day (WSD) is being celebrated on 20th March across the globe to raise public awareness about the decline of the house sparrow and throw light on the problems faced by the species in its daily fight for survival. Frankly! I too never realized that I haven’t seen it for years now until I read this. Sparrows are one of the earliest memories I have of my childhood. The house in which I spent almost my entire childhood had a huge well behind. The burrows in the well were the home for these tiny birds. I remember standing for long hours and just gaping into the well, to see these birds flying from one end to the other and wondering why the height doesn’t frighten them. I have spent days looking at them collect straws and try and build their nest. I laugh now, remembering the days when I used to shoo away the crows who posed to be a threat to these sparrows. But as I grew up, I failed to notice them despite the fact that they were still there doing the same chores and to themselves. I wonder why but the truth is that somehow, they did not fascinate me anymore. With time, I began concentrating on different things. These changes in priorities continued so much that I had almost forgotten about this bird which has been an integral part of the memories I have of my childhood until I read about an article on WSD. It’s strange how easily our priorities change and worst is that we do not even realize the extent to which it has.

It saddens me to think that generation next would never know of this bird and will have to rely on pictures. It is just like the way we were clueless of the Dodo. Anyways, I hope that this blog of mine will not be referred to or visited by any kid who searches for “What is a sparrow?” in Google years later. I wish they get to see this bird in reality. 

To know more about Sparrows log onto:

Try and do your bit,

March 20, 2012

Love yourself!!

“People who always make you laugh, are often the ones who have gone through a lot of pain.” All who believe this is somewhere very filmy. Common people, a person who makes you laugh can also be purely fun, jovial never knowing what exactly the “P” of Pain is. Is it always necessary to think that the things that are emotional are only right/good or that the people who sacrifice are very great? The right or wrong in our society is always measured with the degree of emotional content or the suffering one endures. Should we blame Ekta Kapoor’s Saas-bahu serials for our mindset or is it our society’s mindset that she runs her business on?

I do not claim that I work like a machine with absolutely no emotions, but I also believe that we cannot let ourselves be overwhelmed for every dam thing in life. What do you say? After all Practicality is important too. If you give it a proper thought everything in our society revolves around emotions. You need instances?
  • We cannot digest a movie if there is never a happy ending.
  •  India V/S Pak!!! Emotions flow more than the runs or the catches in the stadium.
  • Consider, we hear about a murder of a woman, we will begin speaking law, police and arrest. When we hear that she is survived by her child aged 2, every justice comes to a halt and emotions overflow.

Accept or get damned but the truth is in India, somewhere the right and the wrong are somehow deeply inter-connected with the kind of emotional impact . All a politician will have to do is give a speech about his troubled childhood to get votes to win him a seat. A movie star has to talk lovingly of his family or about the people who gave him work to have another million followers on twitter. I am huge fan of Sachin and recently after his 100th ton he made a statement- “I am not god” and this managed to make headlines in almost all the news papers. I ask- “Don’t we all know that?” A Rape case doesn’t make sensational news in this country unless there is sad story (which strangely entertains us public) to accompany it. All the spiritual Gurus have a very sad childhood to brood upon and the general public believes those to be God. Even before a tsunami hits or earthquake strikes journalists will be all over trying to get stories of the lost friend or family member than let the public know as to what is the immediate action taken by the government?  There are hundred other instances where emotions would overflow and we as public turned out to be just dumb spectators. Just one example- There was a telecast on TV 2-3 years back of a place in Tamil Nadu where a police officer’s leg was severed in broad daylight and everyone just stared at him until he met his death. None including a minister who later claimed to have been worried for threat to his life as a reason helped him despite his pleading for help.

That was talking of India on the whole, I bet when you try and get into your own small world these issues will prevail. I wonder why it matters so much to us as to what others think. How is it ever relevant as to what another random person from the society would expect you to do? Even though our country has given us all the fundamental rights, do you think our society allows you to use them effectively? No!!! Don’t all of us have the right to speech? How many of us have the courage to talk what we actually feel like, without being bound by the already inherited values of considering what another would feel like or react to it? How many of you do actually figure out as to which career did you want before being spat on your faces by bosses? How many of you all have sacrificed your love in worry of non acceptance by family and still live a miserable life?

I believe that after one point we all have one person to please and that is ourselves, because no matter how happy the society is or how proud you family members are, you will still fell a vacuum deep within! It is true that along with every other person in your life, you love yourself too. Isn't it simple for us to follow that each one of us differ with respect to our thought flow or reaction to a similar situation or IQ level or physical structure or skin colour. Similarly, at times our thinking may not match with the people around. So, why create a ruckus out of it, judge him/her, and judge their upbringing? All we have to do is not impose our societal values and leave them alone.

Why can’t things be simple enough that instead of only preaching we actually follow in LIVE & LET LIVE!!! Why is it considered wrong to love ourselves?

Keep it simple,

March 5, 2012

Pretentious Facade!

She sat all alone in the sofa in the corner of the room. She had thought this would help her, but the masquerade was further leading her into losing her identity. Inspite of all the laughter and sounds hovering in the party, she was silent and unaffected by it all. After the break up all her friends did convince her that she was meant for someone better in life. But, little did these things influence her. After all, she had never bothered for anyone when they were together, she had never felt a need for anyone’s approval or denial for her to accept his proposal and now in the similar way their sympathies too did not matter.  But, the truth was that it was not only for a friend that she attended this masquerade party but also for herself. Apart from the reason of being unable to deny her friend’s requests she had agreed because she had finally felt the need to get out of the walls she had created around herself. Deep within, she did not want his deceit to shatter her.

As soon as the announcements of the dance was done everyone began pairing up. All looked pretentious since they had a mask on and none revealed their true self. Amidst this, a man sought her company for a dance to which she obliged trying to fight her displeasure within. It took her some time to register the happenings in and around. Her friend's words ran through her head repeating itself “The party is gonna blow your mind away and also his thoughts from your head. You will never regret attending this.” Wishing this would turn out to be true she let out a silent smile. Finally, she raised her head to look at her partner. 

The smile that had lit up her face after a long time disappeared as if it had never appeared. She stood perplexed staring at him. Those eyes! She recognized them. She very well identified it despite the masquerade. He had a faint smile but no change in his facial expressions. A thousand questions ran up in her mind but he behaved like he could hear none. The music which was soothing until then was now accelerating a storm within her. Finally, she could see the pretense in his eyes and just wanted to ask him one question. Why? That was all!!!

As she mustered up the courage to talk, it was as if he was reading her thoughts and stopped dancing. Excusing himself to get a drink he went away to the drinks counter as she looked over him. She knew she had to speak out at least now.

 On his return she asked-“Why?”

He was confused unable to identify her and replied –“I beg your pardon”

A tear escaped her eyes when she retorted- “Please take off the mask. Despite it I have recognized you. I know you and..”

Interrupting her mid way he told- “I do not follow what are you talking about. We are just two strangers in this masquerade world.”

Before she could say the next word, he removed his mask revealing his identity among all the masqueraders in the faint glow of ballroom.  Indeed! He was right, there stood a man before her whom she had never seen in her entire life. But she knew that it wasn’t the same eyes she saw some time ago.

He moved away muttering “She is weird” to the host.

She felt miserable and was disconsolate. But, what she failed to notice was the fact that on the other end of the ballroom, a shadow disappeared into darkness smiling to himself and wearing the same mask as her partner did.

The party did continue and everyone stayed until the end except for two people. One left smiling for being successful in his attempt to fool her and the other crying ironically for the same reason.