December 15, 2011

Auto Mania!

This is the day I realized how low I can stoop to and just not be ashamed of it. Stoop down to that level low which I wouldn’t have imagined myself to get into ever. I believe that  not standing up for yourself is the biggest disrespect you do to your own self. And that's what I did today. Just did not speak up in spite of being provoked. Positive side though was I knew that I have great amount of Patience. :D

Whatever! coming to the point, I finally confide in all of you that my biggest issue as of today is “AUTO RICKSHAW” in Bangalore or rather the people who drive it. The current situation is that if one plans to travel by a rick then he needs to plan for things keeping 15 minutes as buffer time. Because, I assure you that none of the autos would agree to come without demanding extra bucks and their excuses.. oh so shallow! I was on my way to office last week already running late and my patience was being tested! ;)

When I told him the destination he made a face as if I had asked him for a free trip and just went away without uttering a single word.

With a straight look he told me- “100 Rs Memsahib!” (I looked at him smiled and spoke in Kannada saying he just asked me double the amount. I mean how better can you explain Daylight robbery Man? I don’t know what pissed him off exactly the content of what I told or the fact that I knew the local language; giving an aggressive look he too zoomed off.)

He stated almost the same amount and to his defense said- “roads are completely jammed Ma’m.” (I can’t believe I was polite enough to tell him that I am helpless about it. Did I create traffic jams, so that all you morons get stuck in it and I reach my office flying? Even before I finished thinking, the Autowala was far out of sight.)

Stated a higher amount and said that’s because it’s going to be a One-way and he will get no passenger and will have to take a deviation. (OMFG! Should I be sorry that I can’t accompany you on your return journey or already arrange for a passenger who will await you? To add on to the misery my office is situated in one such fucking one-way road!)

Now that petrol prices have fallen they come up with an issue of some shortage of Gas or so. (I wondered why is he on the roads; Keep the vehicle at home buddy!)

SIXTH AUTO and 15 minutes later!
He had the audacity to claim 120 bucks.(I walked off. I accept somewhere deep down I was taking the revenge of all the auto fellows on this one guy. I mean they zoom off every time; all I can do is just walking off. Isn’t it? He then yelled from behind asking me to bargain and when he knew I wasn’t n easy prey he began mocking. I was left completely pissed, annoyed and wished if the government could grant me permission for just one murder!)

As I walked off, a driver from an already stopped auto came out and told one and half on meter Ma’m. (I looked at him wondering if he even knew where I had to go and realized he was the very first auto guy who had zoomed off. This was my chance but all I could do was Yeah! Simply Walk away)

Finally came my savior that day:
I cursed everyone around me and began walking even faster when an auto just came to halt. I checked if he would care to come and he instantly agreed. Once I got in he smiled and checked with me if I remembered him. The first reaction of mine was- “Noooo! Ab Kahaan fas gayi!” But then I did feel a familiarity and confessed that I do not. He then reminded me that it was my earlier days in Bangalore when I had met him while I was on the way to an interview. During a conversation, he learnt that I am into IT recruitment and requested me to help his daughter find a job. I was impressed when I heard that he had put in his all to make his daughter an Engineer and left my E-mail ID with him so that his daughter could mail her CV.

Weeks later, when I heard about a requirement through a friend I did call on her number. All I did was tell my name and about the opening when she had revealed that she already has a job in hand. I remembered finding myself in a strange situation where in any normal circumstance I would be angry that this prospective candidate has got through but this incident had made me feel otherwise. Anyways, I had chosen not to divulge any more details and indirectly make her obligated towards me, wished her luck and dropped the call.

Today, her Dad was thanking me since I had lived up to my words. Astonished, I asked him as to how was it that he knew I did call. He told me that he did make it a point to ask her everyday whom she received a call from and he remembers her stating my name. Must say! Both Dad and the Daughter have great memory. How many of us would really remember names of people we randomly interact with? As we reached my destination he apologized for my effort going waste. I laughed it off saying she did actually have a good offer. As I walked to my office, I thought its just that his dedication and morals paid off. He was indeed a man who was honest. I don’t remember that he had asked me any extra bucks then or now. Probably, they don’t lie when they say you do good and only good will happen to you.

Signing off for now hoping I may meet him another time but my hostility with other auto drivers is bound to continue... ;)


December 13, 2011

Sqaure One!!!

All this while which felt like eternity,
I constantly fought the webs that around me were spun.
But now all tell me that
I am back to square one.

I didn’t notice the eyes that were keen to measure my success,
And all my desires I did shun.
Only to be told that
I am back to square one.

Without taking a break even for a breath,
I was always on a run.
And now am forced to believe that
I am back to square one.

Did not bother to notice if it was made of roses or thorns,
But travelled through the path which was chosen by none.
Only to recognize that
I am back to square one.

Even though at times I felt like I am done,
I miserably wanted to know how it would be if I once won.
I never for once was convinced that
The end of this would be exactly where I had begun.

I know that, I have lost a lot by now,
Even though, I feel heartbroken I have to accept that
Indeed, I am back to square one…..


December 6, 2011

Life Speaks...

As I grew, I stumbled, drifted, weaknesses pointed, I fell, was mocked at, estranged by friends, was let down, destiny deceived but now I choose to live, I float, I rise, I live and I learn.

Life and Lessons: 

  1. Smile- It puts others at ease, you approach to be welcoming and you succeed in spreading more smiles. Indirectly World becomes a happier place.
  2. I am exactly who I am. Don’t see a reason to be ashamed of it unless I am wrong.
  3. Compassion to another is vital. 
  4. With responsibility comes respect. Mostly self-respect. 
  5. Do good, be good and see good. Positivity will surround you. 
  6. Need a change? Then be one! 
  7.  Tears are equivalent million words. Crying is nothing to be ashamed off! 
  8. Confidence will help you win half the battle. 
  9. Voice out your opinion. If you don’t stand up for yourself do not expect anyone else to. 
  10. Invest time in relationships. 
  11. Need to teach a lesson? Just forgive without uttering a word. Mercy goes longer than revenge. 
  12. Learn to let go! Maybe things, maybe people or maybe mere memories! 
  13. Silly things are the ones that actually matter in life. 
  14. When love is real and the person right, you will just know it!!! 
  15. Glass isn't half empty but half full. 
  16. Staying happy is a state-of-mind which you can choose than blame another for stealing it away. 
  17. Do not consider it risks, but just take a chance.. You never know! 
  18. Always confide in the one you love irrespective of the situation rather than live a life with regret. 
  19. Spend time with yourself, take a break, sit alone and enjoy. 
  20. Change is constant. Along with everyone else, you too change with time. 
  21. Love unconditionally. 
  22. Everyone cannot be pleased. In the long run what matters is if you are happy. 
  23. Someone important had told me- “Destiny chooses you because it knows you can handle it!” So just face it however screwed up things can get. 
  24. Don’t worry so much in life because nobody gets out alive anyway! (I read this somewhere and loved it) 
  25. When you stand before the mirror and have answers to the questions the person from the mirror asks, you know you are just doing it right! 

Each learning dedicated to each year of my life ;) 
I know most of them difficult.Even though am a person who seeks closure however silly or serious the matter is, deep down I realize that some stories have no perfect-ending and that every song doesn’t rhyme! The best thing about life is its ambiguity.

- HPK!!!