November 24, 2011

Never Ending!

He stood alone in an isolated beach staring at the waves which looked beautiful under the moon light. It was freezing cold; he zipped up his jacket and put on the hood. He looked at his watch again to check the time which indicated its 11:45 PM. He knew that meant exact 15 more minutes to go for the clock to strike 12 and for him to repeat the ritual he had been following for the last seven years now.

He smiled to himself at the thought on how weird his colleagues thought it was for him to travel 6 hours to reach a Beach midnight on a pretense of wishing someone for their birthday. They always kept seeking explanations but he had never bothered to give any. He knew they would never follow him. Even today the breeze carried with it the memories that had gone by, the waves told the stories of the times they met. But as always, he felt the breeze and the waves after sometime did try to persuade him to leave the place. They kept reminding him of the last time they met.

She had told him that Time would heal everything with a completely unsure smile. When he had continued staring at her, he remembers she looked away. Then she told that she is pretty sure that later on in life once they move on, they both would laugh at the way their stories had unfolded. All he did was ask her to look at him and answer if she really thought that it would happen. But, she had chosen to leave it unanswered and walked away. He did tell her that day that life is wise and the world big enough to throw two people so apart that they never crossed each other’s path again.” At this, she had turned towards him, smiled and began walking away. And he had never asked her to stop. 

As he stood here, he tried to make sense of what she had told him and wondered if she would have stopped if he had asked her to. All said and done he then knew that nothing in this world could unite them since he did not have the money to convince her parents and she did not have the courage to hurt them. Eventually, she did give up on him and chose to marry a random guy her parents’ chose whose wealth, name and fame according to them would keep her happy.

How he wished he was then as successful as he was now. Alas! 3 months later he had received her wedding card and life had been blur ever since. She had changed her residence and her contact number. All the mails he had sent to her bounced back. 7 years on but he did visit this place sometimes, just to wonder how would it be if things did not go so wrong that day. As he thought this the cold water swept his feet bringing him back to the present, but he did realize that with every visit of his the waves would sweep him further to a memory which time had forgotten but life did not.

“Happy Birthday!” he whispered to himself when it was just about to strike 12.00AM.

As he walked back to his car, time stood still and fuming at him realizing that he had won again since ironically he still remained the first one to wish her!


P.S: I did receive mails from some readers who read my blog and assumed that some of my blogs indicate me having to go through the entire ordeal of heart break. Well! I wish to let you all know that I have been one lucky person when it comes to the matter of Heart!!! All the blogs need not be written only out of one's experience. Right? 

November 9, 2011

Intricate Thoughts #2

It was just yesterday when I was stuck in a traffic jam that I couldn’t help but notice a beggar woman dressed in rags search for probably something valuable in the Garbage Bin nearby. Initially, I had a sensation to puke seeing the garbage lying helter-skelter in spite of the Bin being present. The picture literally was like the Bin is right at the center and the garbage all around it. How irresponsible are we!!

Later, I noticed that she picked up 2-3 half-rotten tomato from one of the bags with kitchen waste. I wondered what a plight it would be for one to eat something that is a waste rejected by others from the same society. I then noticed, her searching for it more desperately, then look around and call someone across the street. Her sunken eyes reflected the hope to feed her starving family. Soon, her kids flocked beside her as if they were offered something very tasty.

Soon the road cleared and I reached CCD only to realize that my friend is going to take another 15 minutes to arrive. I soon ordered for a Chocolate Fantasy and began to binge on it. This was when I overheard a conversation of a gang of friends seated on a table across me. They seemed like a bunch of social butterflies cribbing over the cancelled 'La-Tomatina' festival in Bangalore. To add on they complained that its wasn't fair.

I just smiled to myself on thinking is this what is not fair? Its the same world, but when one is cursing all who are responsible for cancelling an event where tomatoes will be hurled at one another for fun and is regretting for being unable to enjoy it, there is another who does not even complain, instead would binge on those tomatoes the exact way I binged on the Chocolate Fantasy Cake.

Weird World!

Keep Thinking,

November 4, 2011

Count your blessings!

Where’d he go?
He was just here giggling on the floor as his daddy tickled him.
He was just here hiding in the laundry room sneaking more cookies.
He was just riding his bike for the first time!
He was so proud when he tackled everyone on the opposing team, even if they didn’t have the football.
He was just out on his first date.
He was stunningly handsome dressed for prom
he was so drunk when he came home last night
Why were there syringes in his room?
Why was he covered in blood tonight?
Why can’t I stop the pain he’s feeling in his body from the heroin detox
where’s he leading to now?

The above is an extract from an article of a Father who spoke about his Son who died at a young age of 22. Cause was Drugs Overdose.  As I read through it, I wondered how easily he could express the storm that just passed through and shattered his life while some others can only chose silence over expressing. Silence for all the years to come!!! Out of all the things he said, one thing was evident and that was that he loved his Son to Death, but sadly his son chose death infact embraced it with open arms.

I just do not sympathize the guy who is dead but I wonder how insane could someone be to surrender to Narcotics and the prickly needles when life has laid you on the bed of roses. If you came across such people, they would talk about the crazy adrenaline rush they get while the fluid enters into their body from the needle, but they fail to realize about how that same fluid once enters poisons the blood, weaken the vital organs and will eventually kill them. This same Guy quoted that his Son said- “He feels the world becomes happier place to live in with drugs.” Alas! Druggies never realize that happiness is based on truth and reality. What is happiness when it stays only for a moment is self-inflicted and ultimately leads to an untimely miserable death? The worst one I read was one of the addicts justifying that they got into it because they couldn’t bear the loss of loved one. How strange is it that they did not realize that he had the gift his loved one didn’t.

The momentary pleasure they experience from those needle pricks makes them forget all about the misery that might lie ahead. Then I wonder, how is it for people who die when all they want to do is live but are victims of a cruel plot laid by their own destiny.. Genes perhaps. When one here chose death over life the other is left with no choice at all. The Irony is that, with every prick of the needle, the druggie gives in to his so-called 'happiness' and the Victim of destiny, gives up on it!!

Contrary to the Euphoria of a self induced Narcotic, the victim of Destiny dies every time he realizes that death is trying to embrace him. His simple dreams seem unattainable, trivial matters unreachable and life impossible to follow. When the addicts seem to be too demented to accept the fact that the drug is killing them, the victim of destiny would never get an explanation as to why is his gene tampered with. With every prick the addict instills the poison into him while not even a 100 pricks can cleanse the poison out of the Victim of destiny.

Health is something that is often abused by those who are lucky enough to have it and then there those who have no choice but to live with poison running through their veins.  Finally, both will die, but the addict had 2 paths ahead- Life & Death, out of which he spends his life trying to die and the other was always on a path which would lead him to Death.

Look Around and count your blessings,