September 27, 2011


continuation of Amicizia-I..........

He knew he had to rely on his own contacts since none would offer help. Realizing his phone wasn't around he used Sam’s. He dialed some of his friends who were all on their way immediately. When his friends arrived, they made arrangements for taking Sam to the hospital. Thats when a constable intervened and told that they cannot to use the car since there is a Minister who is travelling in another 15 minutes. 15 minutes??? It seemed like the world would end by then. Trapped, Guilty, in pain and clueless on how to go about it Neil and his friends dialed checking if someone could help. He then stood up and began walking towards the Police officer and asked who was the minister travelling. For the first time Neil wanted a clarification before accusing his Dad and prayed that the officer would give a negative response. Alas! The officer revealed his Dad's name and said it was his orders. Neil was in rage, utterly disappointed and pushed the officer yelling- “Just thank your stars that the guy dying here isn’t someone you know. Coz you would still abide by the fucking orders!”. Amidst this mess and chaos a friend suggested Neil to call his Dad and sort out the matter. Initially, Neil wanted to thrash the person who suggested it but then he knew he should try talking things out just the way Sam always suggested.

He knew he had to control his anger for this one time, abide by his Father’s demands for this one time, he knew he had to let go off his ego this one time and then after taking a deep breath he dialed his father’s number. He hoped a “Hello” from his Dad for every ring, but there was never an answer. He dialed again thinking his Dad wouldn't have Sam's number but it was all in vain. There was never an answer. He repeated it again and again, from different numbers but nothing worked and worse was he couldn't find his phone to make a call. His father just did not pay heed to what his son wanted when all Neil wanted was to save a life, a life of a friend who is the only reason that Neil was sane today.

Looking at Sam he wondered that it should have been he who is injured because he was the one driving. As he thought about it, an idea struck which if executed well in time would do wonders. All that one needed was the art of convincing and Neil was a pro at that. He went towards the officer and asked- “If it is your senior who has given these orders you better cross check, you are actually waiting for a Minister’s son to die. You should thank your stars if the consequence of this would be only losing the job.”

His friends’ for a moment couldn’t figure out what Neil said. The police were completely baffled. The Officer stepped forward claiming- “You are the minister’s son. Aren’t you?”
The plot was working just the way Neil wanted. He was successful in planting a doubt in all their minds.
Hitting his forehead he said- “No! It’s him. This is what I have been trying to tell you all since long. May be I was the one who was supposed to die but now let’s save him. Help us!”

Suddenly out of the stench of blood and chaos, was a ray of hope. It did not take much time for the other friends to pop in for help. It was strange but none of the people there could identify as to who is the minister’s son. Finally, the police officer decided to call up and check with Neil’s Dad. As he dialed the number, everyone froze, only silence prevailed. A “Yes” or a “No” would determine “Life” or “Death” now. After the telephonic conversation, the next thing Neil knew was both he and Sam were being taken away to the hospital for treatment. He knew his plot had worked, but did not know how. As they got into the stretcher in the hospital, he heard one of the ward boys yelling that Sam is critical. The next minute, Neil collapsed due to his own wounds, the pressure and blood loss.

Neil did not know if it took him minutes, hours or days; but now it seemed too bright for him to open his eyes. Blinking a number of times, as he opened his eyes he saw a lady next to him weeping. Immediately, he identified that it was his Mom. For next 2 minutes he couldn’t follow a word of what all were speaking. He was recollecting the whole episode. Eventually, when he began to concentrate, he  heard his Mom yelling at him for lying that he wasn’t the minister’s son. She also said that his Dad believed that Neil was hurt since he had received the call from Sam’s cell number and not Neil’s. He laughed at the way he was successful to fool his Dad. He had won the battle for himself and for Sam.

His Mom continued saying – “We all panicked so much, your dad had to cancel his meetings to come here only to find that you are safe and Sam is the one who is no more. It was such a relief .......”

Those last words were a shocker. He was blank, he could hear nothing anymore. The world came crashing down. Emotionless, sweating and pale he gazed around the room in shock but he couldn’t register anything. He felt the pressure of the blood rushing through his veins. Suddenly, his head seemed heavy, his heart beat was getting louder with every passing beat, there was a void created, but he did not know if it was in his mind or heart. Everything felt so materialistic and unworthy. Finally,tears rolled down his eyes.

As he turned around, he found Sam’s parents near the door. His mother was weeping. The guilt that struck him now almost tore him apart. He tried going towards her, but all the medications he was under and his wounded leg prohibited him. He knew no words could match the loss he had caused. He cried folding his hands asking for forgiveness from his bed. Meanwhile, all in the room turned around to see who he is looking at. Hesitatingly, Sam’s mother walked into the room with tears in her eyes. As she held Neil’s hands controlling her emotions, he broke down.

Ina shivering and broken voice all she said was- “So what? I am glad that God atleast answered my prayers and spared one of my sons. I was worried for both of you.You are in no way responsible for anything. Sam will always be around us. I just know that. Get well soon”.

On the day of his discharge Neil’s parents had arranged a huge get-together at their residence to celebrate their son’s homecoming. They were in a hurry since the guests had already begun to arrive. As they came out, Neil saw that thare was complete chaos in the parking lot. Police were present to control the public, media keen to know about the minister’s son. Amidst this Neil saw his Dad’s chauffer taking his luggage towards one of the cars. He wasn't surprised to find his parents already entering the car. He then saw Sam’s parents waiting for him to leave. He knew its time he be bold and speak out, he then asked Sam's parents – “Is it ok if I come along?”

They were taken aback for a minute. So were Neil’s parents. Neil’s Dad knew things would get out of control since media is present.

He called out- ““Oh! Come on Neil. You can go there later. People are waiting for you at home.”

This was the first time Neil heard his Dad’s voice. All Neil did was turn around and say- “I am sorry about your son Sir. I heard he passed away in the accident.” All were stunned. When his Mom interrupted he said- “I am sorry your guests will be disappointed.”

Walking towards Sam’s parents, Neil smiled and said- “Are parents the ones who would cause trouble to their son because he is close to a friend. Are they the one who would plot to kill someone their son loves?”

Neither did Sam’s parents have a clue as to what Neil was talking, nor did the people around. He turned asking his Dad- “Would a parent yell at a son if he had to cancel his meetings to visit his kid at the hospital? I should be infact grateful that you asked the policeman to take your son to the hospital. Trust me! The kind of person you have proved to be I did not even expect that one good deed from you! You are a traitor and henceforth I choose not to be called with your name. You took away their son and I am going to put in all it takes to be the son that they lost. Meanwhile, I hope you get the taste of it. Now, you live with your wealth and I with people who atleast won’t treat me like a liability.”

Sam’s parents were in shock to hear that their son’s death was plotted for. Neil turned towards the media and spoke his heart out. Media took over and as usual was successful in digging out even more information. Today Neil’s parents have lost all they had, Neil’s dad is waiting for his trial in court and they have realized the blunder. As for Neil, he leaves no stone unturned to keep Sam’s parents happy but opposed to what he had told in anger, he does take care of his parents too. Just as Sam’s Mom once told HE JUST KNOWS THAT SAM IS AND WILL ALWAYS BE AROUND.


September 6, 2011


“Time is running out” echoed within him again and again. Neil did not know if it took seconds, minutes or hours, but when he regained his conscious, there was utter chaos both outside and within him. People were constantly honking, some yelling and the vehicles had come to an abrupt halt in the street. He then heard someone telling he is safe because of the head gear or else would have had the similar plight as of his friend. Tears rolled down his eyes and he now felt the pain in his leg and the bruises. Neil wondered as to what did that person mean by fate. He wondered as to what was Sam going through. The sense of guilt almost deafened him, conscience was too loud for him to bear. He now tried to sit inspite of the pain and searched for Sam.

Limping in that excruciating pain, he pushed aside the crowd trying to locate Sam. Finally he found Sam lying on the adjacent side of the road. Just when Neil was thanking his stars, he realized that Sam’s head was severely injured and he was bleeding. For a moment the world seemed to collapse, but Neil knew he had to save Sam. Finally, when  the pain was unbearable he fell down and just like a movie the scenes of the times they spent together flashed through his mind.

“Dude!  Enough of going through that bizarre question paper. We are done with exams and college. Come on Sam!”had said Neil, who was in the “Party” mood since it was their last exam.

Samarth, known as Sam was upset since he couldn’t finish it on time, but knew he had to forget all of it for Neil. Both were buddies from the fifth grade and now planned even to go job hunting together. Graduating with marketing honors they knew bagging a job was easy. If Samarth was smart and had enough marks to support his credentials, Neil had a gift of gab that all envied. They were renowned for all they did, but the main reason was for the friendship they shared.

Inspite of having a car for himself, Neil always used Sam’s bike. The only thing was he hated it when Sam insisted to use a headgear. Neil was a guy born with a silver spoon but he somehow did not appreciate it since his parents could never make time for him. He was almost like a family member in Samarth’s house and more like a guest in his own home. Neil’s dad who was into politics wanted Neil to follow him. However, Neil always mocked that the cheap family business isn’t for him. He neither wanted to join it nor wanted his Dad’s help to get any job.

Couple of weeks after the exam had come a day when they had to attend a job interview. They were travelling on Sam’s bike as usual, when Sam noticed that Neil was upset. On asking, Neil denied it continuing the silence further. After series of denials Sam ordered Neil to park the vehicle just before the main junction and talk it out.

“Can there be any new issue? It’s always been the same fucking problem dude. My parents. Now they want me to stop all the interactions with you and your family.” He blurted out with rage.

“Oh Shit!” this was the only thing Sam could utter inspite of  knowing that this was bound to happen someday.

Neil was fuming and continued- “They blame my absence for family gatherings to my being close with you. Why the hell don’t they follow that the reason has always been them. Funny thing is that I dunno why but they only miss me when there is a gathering and not otherwise.”

Sam knew this anger will never subside and now wanted Neil to focus on the interview. “I guess you should cool down, bag this job and that will make them proud dumbo!”

Neil gave a sarcastic smile, raising the accelerator of the bike and exclaimed- “I don’t blame you Sam. You will never know how it is with my parents.”

Sam smiled getting into the pillion pad and indicated towards his watch saying- “Time is running out buddy!”

On realizing this Neil remembered that he had just zoomed off. The next thing he knew was they were hit, the words– “Time is running out” was Sam’s and it repeated in his mind as he was tossed in the air and landed across the street with a severely injured leg. 

His head was bleeding severely, he was unconscious but thankfully ALIVE!. He cried, yelled, begged and pleaded. But none offered any help. He tried pulling Sam with all his energy but in vain. After constant effort and all the energy worn out he fell on the road yet again and yelled “SORRY”. As he cried it struck to him that there were policemen around but they too did not help and strangely enough they did not interrogate him too.

He now knew the reason. He knew it all. He yet again held Sam close to him and said- “I am gonna get it done Sam!! You gotta fight this battle for me. I cannot live with this guilt. I am gonna get you treated.”

He was all the more determined now and felt a strange adrenaline rush which equipped him with great energy and he now knew that he too had to fight a battle. Fight it for his friend and against his Dad.

….. To be continued!!!

C Yah,