July 31, 2011

Feliz Estancia!!!

As I  headed back home after a long day at office, I realized that I didn't carry my house keys. I was ddisappointed to realize that my last resort to get into the house (My Better Half) would turn up only an hour and a half later. Cursing my fate for the day, I called him. To my surprise, he picked my call in the first go, which is not the usual case while at work and agreed to come home soon. Still 45 min to go for him to arrive and having absolutely no place to sit, I began walking to and fro in the corridor. I tried playing games on the phone, listening to music, watch the creative rangoli designs made by some of the neighbors, but alas! time least flies when we wait for someone, Isn’t it??

After some time, I saw a small gathering just below my house, which probably included all the housewives in the street. Wondering what it was all about, I just took a peek only to realize that it’s a mere session of flaunting some crockery. I was amazed thinking how excited can someone get over a piece of dining set!! The crowd dispersed sooner than it had formed, but the aunty and her daughter were still standing there. The daughter still super excited, suggested using it for the dinner that night, but just like every other Mom, the lady rejected the idea. After this monotonous cycle of suggesting and rejecting the Mother felt a need to explain the reason behind her refusal.

Bingo! Just like you would all have experienced this case. atleast once in your house, the reason was, “We will use it when we have guests at home”. I laughed and after all these years had a relief thinking that there are people who undergo the same plight as mine. I don’t know how, but I could completely relate to that school going girl standing there and feel the same frustration. As a child, I always wondered, why are the best things at home kept for guests? Crockery, bed spreads, Door mats and Curtains… the best out of these usually kept to be used when the guest arrives. Why???? I fail to follow this whole logic ever!

When we always choose the best thing for ourselves, why is it not applicable for these aspects. Well, if the idea is that since the guest arrives once in a while, so it would come for a li’l longer duration, I understand! You Cheapos!!! :-p Otherwise, am sorry people, this whole idea isn’t convincing. The funniest part would be that the elderly ladies would begin to crib once the guests leave if they wouldn’t praise the collection of wonderful crockery. Hellloooo.. I mean.. we were yelling that its beautiful all these while even though it wasn’t as much as we made it sound, just to use it and that did not make you happy?

We are so weird, aren’t we? What matters is the society’s perception about us over our family’s. This is just one example out of the many cases when we forget as to who is it that should matter. We have this constant urge to make people believe that we are the best. Don’t believe me? Please log into your face book and check your friends’ statuses. I assure you that, you will easily come across 10 statuses which speaks about the country they are in, 10 other which would talk about their weekend plan. Confession: I too have at time indulged in this. ;)

Someone did speak wisely when they said the most blessed person is the one who is content in his life. Nothing can help you be content, satisfied and happy in life if you choose not to be so. Being bestowed with health and wealth isn’t a direct ticket to happiness. Rather, one may seek it from the silliest of the things than rely on something very difficult or farther than your reach. So, the next time you buy good decorative interior stuffs or any expensive dining sets or, buy it for your Family and not the guests. Trust me, it’s not worth it!!!

Saving for a future is a great provided you know how long are you going to stick around!! ;)

P.S: Title in Spanish means Stay happy :-)

Ciao Amigos,