April 15, 2011

Bitterness Unfold!

When I say I am done!
It says not yet!!
When I think its all fine!
It proves everything is imperfect!!!

When I ask a question!
It shoots another hundred towards me!!
And when I think I have found an answer!
It tells me it’s the wrong key!!!

Once, when I thought of complaining!
It accused me of being a coward!!
I then challenged it and said try me!
Only to realize I am now scoured and devoured!!!

When I once asked why me?
It said because you can face it all!!
I then felt its for once praising me!
Only to realize I had to gear up for the next fatal fall!!!

Well, I now say to it am a hypocrite and a coward!
Will this fact of me being not brave, reap me any reward?
To this, it mockingly says,
I am Life, a double edged sword!
Where good and bad, both are on board!
You got a little more of bad since, in here good and bad aren’t equally stored!


April 8, 2011

Life Undefined!!!

Life is always neither about-

Cute house on the country side with cute white fences and green lawn all over.
Table where all the items are perfectly organized.
Clear sky with cute white clouds and birds flying in a lovely pattern.
Smiling sun despite burning within (Like the one I used to draw)
Having all that you want without sacrifices.
Your loved ones being immortal.
Blaming your luck every time you fail.
Path where every one you meet are reasonable.
Beautiful journey with only cute birds, butterflies and mermaids existing.
Tom n Jerry always making you laugh.
Tasting victory without knowing how pathetic is it to loose.
Spending Money that you never earned.
Missed calls on your phone from the person you wanted it to be from.
Knowing which way to head to.
Home food throughout your life.
One's Innocence untouched forever.
You having the same gang of friends always.
Relationships remaining unaffected by time.
Feeling special on each and every Birthday.
Pleasing everybody in one go.

Nor is it like-

Storms and tornadoes passing each day.
Only strained relationships.
A Puzzle which none solved.
Flowers fading and grass withering.
Being Mediocre.
Leaking roofs or Taps going dry.
Never thinking about yourself.
Always unfair.

There should be more to the positive aspects, But I guess knowing more about what Life isn't helps you not to take it for granted and anyways its much better than knowing nothing at all. 

Analyse your life yourself, 

Change of the Blog Title!!!

Hello All,

This is just to let all my readers (if any :p) know that I have changed the name of my blog from Juzz Thotzzz to Thoughts Synchronized. Thats the best one I could decide upon with my limited vocabulary power. :)

Let me know your take on this.

Happy Reading!!!


April 1, 2011

Cricket Mania!!!

1.2 Billion People!
Diverse Religions followed!
Numerous Languages spoken!
Infinite Beliefs and Customs!
World's biggest secular Country!!

Despite all these differences,
In midst of cheap politics and renowned scams,
We Indians have shown Unity
in many circumstances!!

But, The one situation when this is proved time and again
When all the differences are forgotten,
When only one religion is followed,
When all the chants and prayers are for the same cause,
It can only be CRICKET!!!

There is nothing that comes before or after Cricket in India! No movies, no politician's publicity stunt, no fear of a terrorist group and let alone a businessman's million dollar house. Well, I have no idea if it is a good thing to be such cricket maniacs, but I am just loving it at the moment. I realized the extent of cricket crazy nation we are on March 30th 2011 during the Indo-Pak match when not only in India but all the Indians throughout the world irrespective of the time zones were witnessing the triumph to follow.

Every status, every tweet, every dedication in FM and every sms had just one topic CRICKET. While some companies announced leave, others ensured employees get to watch it at work. I left office, once India was done with batting and realized there is absolutely no traffic. Then the laziness to prepare dinner engulfed me and I went on a restaurant hunt but none were open. After a tiring search and cursing since its already late, I found one restaurant. But my smile faded, the moment waiter said nothing is left. All were glued to the TV, they just did not care for any customers and the irony was that it was a chinese restaurant!! :) Can you beat that??? I too couldn't help but glance to check if our bowling attack began. Who said keeping fingers crossed helps??? It did not this time. The match had indeed begun. I ran towards my room and on the way saw a Pani Puri stand. Needless, to say consuming 7 puri's consumed hardly 5 minutes of my time and I headed home with maximum speed. I was done with my dinner for the night. :)

Later on, it was just bliss :) A perfect match was what followed! The politicians got their stunts to do, actors got their chance for publicity and we commoners got what we just wanted A VICTORY. My roomie and me screeched, screamed, cheered every time a wicket fell. Moreover, we also realized the enormous vocabulary we possess when it comes to abusing. All we did practice was yell, speak, shout and absolutely no listening. The FB status and tweets boosted our spirits even more. By 45th over, I ensure all of us knew, we are going to face the Lankans on Saturday. My status message by then read if we could begin discussing India Lanka now since Pak is history. I must say, It was a cherry on the cake when we got them all out with just one more ball to go to end the series. OMFG!! That was it! India went on a rampage both on the field and throughout the country. The night looked beautfiul and colourful with all crackers lighting up the sky. Some went on a bike rally, some went dancing on streets, some cut the cake to celebrate. It was celebration in India that night when we beat Pakistan again in our homeland!!

All said and done, I also realize that the spirits for tomorrow's final match is very less as compared to the Semi finals, which sounds absolutely crazy. Many Indians, state that we have already won the cup whatever is the result on Saturday. Now, I question, is this the way it is supposed to be? What are we focussed on the WC title or was it only the Indo- Pak match? Why don't we have a urge for a win on Saturday too. Actually that was the only reason for which all the countries came together.

Why do we as a nation forget that World champions is a title that we get to keep for 4 years?

Why do not we want us to be called the WORLD CHAMPIONS for the next 4 long years?

Why don't we have a spirit to bring the cup back home after 28 long years since Kapil Dev did it in 1983. Whoa!! I wasn't even born then. :( Patriotism, we all said mattered on Wednesday. Well, it does matter on Saturday too! Infact it matters more on SATURDAY.

On a personal note, am yearning for a win for all the reason above along with another, this being Sachin's last world cup. :). And why not win this cup along with a person who has left no records to be broken and so, now breaks his own records.

Cheers to India and all Indians, Have a great weekend, Hope for a victory tomorrow!

Bleed Blue! Oh Yeah!!