January 20, 2011

Rise from the Hell

There were moments I went insane,
How much ever I tried from it to refrain!
When I just thought I am over it,
It succeeded in occurring again!!

I remember walking through the lane,
With absolute no way to return!
I found myself drifting in the sea,
Failing to find the horizon!!

There were times I ended up on a cliff,
that all I could see is the deep valley of death!
I found myself alone in the crowd,
Gasping badly for every breath!!

Surrounded only by darkness,
With every move I had to be alert!
No matter what I withstood,
With each passing time I was only hurt!!

It was then that she emerged,
Indeed like a ray of hope!
Her soothing hands, her eyes so bright,
That I let her be my guiding light!!

She pulled me away from my misery,
She stopped me from being jittery!
I knew I just saw the darkest hour,
But was out of it only due to her miraculous power!!

Let life laugh at me,
Or the destiny mock,
But, I know if I could RISE FROM THE HELL once,
I can beat it a hundred times!!

January 14, 2011


Setting the alarm everyday for 7.00 AM, Heena was habituated to the timing and did not need the help of alarm anymore. As usual, she woke up this morning and sat on her bed with her eyes still refusing to open. A smile swept across her face on realizing that it was a Holiday and that she can sleep the whole day long. Soon, she lied down again, only to sprang onto her feet with a horrified look as if she missed something really important.

She put on her slippers and ran immediately to the wash basin to brush teeth. In order to save time, she began multitasking. Initially, she turned on the geyser, went over to the kitchen and placed the vessel to prepare tea. Leaving it to boil, she ran to switch her laptop on, went back to the basin to get done with brushing, turned off the geyser simultaneously turning on the tap. Soon, she came back to her cupboard, took her clothes, went to the kitchen to turn the stove off and ran into the bathroom to bath.

Within ten minutes she found herself seated on her desk working on her laptop sipping her not-so-hot- anymore-tea. She got connected to the net logged onto what she wanted all these while.“FACEBOOK”.She had just posted some of her pics on FB the previous day and looked forward to the comments and number of likes cicked from her friends very eagerly. In midst of all these giggling to herself she took some time to notice that she couldn't log in. Cursing the Internet connection she tried again. It Failed. Yet again and failed. By now she was loosing it and then realized the FB homepage itself isn't opening anymore. It was like an instant flashback that she remembered reading about FB going off air, but she would have never believed it even if she would be paid in lakhs.


Later on that day, the GANG (her friends) met in CCD. Everyone wore a look as if they just lost something of the utmost importance. No hellos or smiles were exchanged.
Bang shot Ronit placing his trendy glares on the table- “WTF man?? how could they go off-air without even letting people know?
Ishika giggled and said- “I agree, atleast they should have informed Ronit inspite of we all reading it on papers the other day!”
Shreya who was least active on FB and uninterested said- “Common guys! Get over it! Mark has made his money and now gone!”.
Kunal wore a blank expression on his face and asked- “Now who the hell is Mark? We are talking about FB moron!!”
Shreya shot back teasing -” You guys are FB addicts, watched the movie “Social Network” and don't even know Mark Zuckerberg??? ”
Immediately in his defense Kunal claimed “Who cares for him anyways, I just want FB back” after all he was the one who created a group for all his friends and was the moderator.
Heena still frowning said- “I hated him even in the movie after all FB was never his goddamn idea! He stole it”
Kunal- “All people spoke was 2012. None spoke about FB mahn!! Screw the world.. whats it without FB!”
In between these discussions there was one of the friend who remained unaffected and that was Yohan. Being the sober person he is, all he did was ask Heena to mail him the pictures and checked the Menu.
Ronit screamed yet again saying- “This wasn't the right way to do and infact the most foolish thing to do, after all he earned in millions and would make zillions in future. Why would someone take such a foolish decision anyways?. Apart from it that he payed heed to someone's Moms' advices. My mom is the most happiest now that it doesn't exist anymore”.
Shreya who always had a different opinion amongst her GANG said- “Why don't you guys get used to twitter and stop mourning for FB?
All behaved as if they never heard a word Shreya just said just like what they did many a times .
Ishika tried consoling Heena now telling her that she can get back onto Orkut and upload Pics. But Heena wasn't at all convinced. After all Orkut was no-more-in-the-trend.
Finally Ronit on noticing that Yohan has not said a word shot at him- “Dude, you are the one to be blamed coz you are the one who sent us the invites, the one with the max friends, the one farming, the one building cities, the one uploading Pics to flaunt about the places you never visited and get attention from all the chicks out there and now, aren't even bothered to say a word??”
Yohan looked up,put the menu card down and began with a low tone which eventually could pass through sound proof walls -“I haven't for god's sake ate anything from yesterday afternoon since I knew they are literally going off air. Inspite of being awake the whole night I couldn't retrieve all the numbers of those chicks you are talking about. I was so close to winning 5k through a bet with my neighbor playing Mafia wars which remains a distant dream and by the way I was planning to repay your 2k from it.”

Everyone with their eyes wide open looked at the always-maintain-cool-attitude-dude fuming. He still had things to say- “I lost sleep, spent money in cyber since my Mom won't let me use FB.”
Turning to Kunal he says- Oh! Yeah!! Reminds me Kunal I told her that I would come over to your house for studying and all you got to say is I did if she ever asks you!
Kunal sighs- “Not again!! I have always lied to her on this same issue and have always been caught”
Yohan - “That proves, you never learn from your mistakes. Be a Pro in atleast something dude. Blame me for all of it you freaks! By the way I just asked you to try it and not get so bloody addicted. Moroever, it wasn't my wedding invitation that you guys couldn't refuse or so. So all of you just Shut the Fuck Up!!!
After moments of silence Ishika spoke- “Now that's enough guys! Heena get over it now”
Heena revealed that she too has lost on all the photos that she had posted on FB, since she never had the back up.
Shreya sarcastically asks- “ Do you guys think if we would listen to our parents atleast once and one of us was a Software Engineer, even though we all know how weak our maths is, we could hack and get the lost data?”

Suddenly there was a strange sound, realized it came from beneath my pillow and thats my phone, I was sleeping and then woke up to know that all this shit was a dream. Glad that FB still exists and sad that I had office today when some of my friends have leave. This whole thing of checking the FB was on my mind yesterday when I slept since I had posted my engagement pics and also somewhere read FB will go off air in March. The tiresome schedule from the gym, the body ache caused by it, the addiction to FB all resulted in the dream. I then refined it a little to make it worth an entry into my blog. The funny part is this word Maths even woke me up from my dreams. No Wonder I had nightmares thinking of it in my 10th & 12th.

I have no idea about how true this news of FB going off air is. But guess if its in March, it gives me and you 2 more months, to be mentally prepared for a another decision of Mark which would probably mark the begining of another revolution.


P.S: I chose not to reveal names of my friends for my own safety reasons :)

Adieu Addicts,

January 13, 2011

Confessions of A Chronic Foodaholic!!

"They say I was a cute Baby,
But I was born Fat,
And nothing I did growing up
Ever changed that fact"

Want to know whats my new year resolution??? or what I think is the most difficult thing to do ever ever??? or what would I ask if I am granted a wish by a fairy??? Answers to all the question is just the same. To loose those extra Pounds!! :p..

This one thing always topped all my new year resolution lists and just like all others this one too went unnoticed and uncared for. Funny!! Ain't it? Am paying for it now though!! BIG TIME!! One thing I have somehow successfully and casually done in 25 yrs is Putting on or I must say Putting on & on & on... WTF??? Stop giggling you moron!! :p.. By the way.. Was wondering is it too much to ask for if I said I wanna shed the kilos I gained for the past 25 yrs in the next 5 months?? Oops!! Did I make my age obvious?? :p..Well! I dont really care much about it.

I have done it yet again!!! Deviated from the main topic.. After all, this is what I have been doing all these years, but now is the high time I pull up my socks, slip into my shoes and hit the gym.. :) Gym!! Sounded so fantastic.. Mostly, so because Gym rhymes with Slim as if it promises to get you back into shape only if you get yourself enrolled. How I wish!! Now that I have joined, I know the pain it takes to cut on that fat that is driving you mad!!! Mad at yourself and Mad at others who talk about it!! All the equipments looks so sophisticated, so well manufactured, that you feel, it has been designed exclusively for you and for your comfort until you begin using it and your instructor begins counting 1,2..... which reminds you of your Sports Sir in school who tortured you to exercise in the scorching heat (How I wish I obeyed him).. :)

Its hilarious to see people exercising at the gym.. Many bear an expression like they will fall any minute.. When one begins to cycle he begins as if he is taking part in a marathon and by the end of it all you hear is the trainer's yelling asking him to buck up.. Yesterday, there was some guy in the gym screaming on top of his voice at the trainer. When all were curious to know what happened, I felt relieved since I felt he is speaking my mind. Its only when it did not stop that I turned around to check and the sight we all witnessed was worth a million bucks.

The guy was under weight training majorly focusing on his biceps. He lifted heavy weights and abusing his trainer was his way to get that one extra count or should I say remove his frustration. However, the trainer was sporty enough and helped him find abusive words and make his life easy but the task master that he is he never let the guy leave it undone. Everyone in the gym, were happy apart from me! :(.. I realized I have lost my count and to my shock my trainer instructed me to repeat it. Boohoooo!!! This is why I say they Torture!

All said and done, when you see that one extra calorie count add onto the screen and realize that its burnt in your body, the joy you feel cannot be matched even when you have your most favourite dessert.. (Ignore!! Ignore!! Reminded me of a big list of desserts) :p..

Stay fit and healthy..

P.S: Was wondering if I should add any picture and the moment the idea of a before and after pics you find on the slimming centres brochures clicked, I thought this blog is best without any of those. ;)