December 22, 2010

The American Desi

This blog is dedicated to all American Desis/ UK Desis/ Asian Desis whatsoever!
Its merely my thoughts regarding the issue with all due respect for the recognition you have got for yourself and your family with your hard work!!

Overheard the conversation of two employees, one of them who has just returned from on-site (US- whom I will refer as American Desi- A.D) and the other who has not yet got a chance to travel abroad. The conversation began with the American Desi being in full on complaining mood. A.D began narrating as to how progressive life there is, how health conscious people there are, how systematic things are. All this was nice to hear but my process of getting annoyed began at the same time when his comparisons began .

  • It began with him saying we are an under developed country. (Lack of general knowledge, I heard we topped amongst the world's developing countries' list).
  • Indians are all Corrupt. [I wanted to ask him first did he include himself when he said Indian and next, if he did face any issues while applying for Passport and if yes,what exactly did he do next to get it done? ;)]
  • Oh! God the roads here are so dusty (Did you become allergic to dust form the US, because I recollect you being normal prior to it. My sympathies with you A.D!)
  • I cannot have anything spicy man! Its not healthy too [I just have to remind him that he is from Andhra ;)]
  • Whats with the roads in Bangalore man? Always under construction. [Hmmm.. don't think we can be a developed country over night A.D, take a breather! Oh. Yeah careful of the dust dude!! :p]
  • We need to be more progressed and practical man. You should learn it from them.[ Forgot about learning you got from India once you went to US, next visit gulf if possible, you can learn belly dancing, China would be the best, you can then eat anything crawling and creeping in the ground!! Yo! Creepy fellow]
  • Do I need to mention the accent and how horrible it sounds when it comes from them. Off late, in one of the shows I was shocked to see Madhuri indulging in the same. Not to mention how much I love and adore her, but when this came from her my stomach hurt real bad laughing.

This was one American Desi, I have no idea how many more suffer from this abroad return syndrome? I do not claim everyone is the same but I cannot certainly deny that none of them are! As a third party its exciting to hear about a different life they have, the places there, their lifestyle, food habits and certainly their culture. I myself would love to visit another country whenever I get a chance. But, it is most disgusting when you hear them complaining and cribbing about the place they are brought up in. Talk about getting a change, suggest how to go about it, but do not crib and make all of us feel disgusted about our own identity. Anyways, they aren't the only ones to be blamed, are they? We too are!

I don't really understand what is it that draws us towards the Western countries? All of us are part of this chaos, you who are reading this and me the one drafting. I neither deny the fact that they are developed, nor deny they cannot be taken in as a example. The only point of discussion here, is that we are forgetting our origin?. Everything is compared to them, An Indian company is compared to theirs, Our money is compared to theirs, Actors are compared to Hollywood actors, most of all a person like Sachin who has overdone already to prove himself when achieves another milestone is compared to another foreign cricketer. I ask aloud, Why don't we search for a Sachin/ Dhoni in their cricketers?
Why don't we search for a Amitabh Bachchan in Hollywood?
Why don't we search for a qualified PM like ours in another country?
I bet, you don't have an answer simply because they are the best.

Ever thought, why do we think that they are far more superior than us. I agree with the fact that they are developed with the latest technologies and scientific experiments being on their stride, but how does that make them superior? Why are we so self deprecating? As if the suppression by the Britishers wasn't enough, we have now begun degrading ourselves. Have not we still overcome from those suppressed past memories? This concept of we being inferior to them for absolute no reason is passed onto generations. I am not able to find a single area where we haven't contributed or foresee our incapability in anything. Adapting to another culture is one thing, but in the process considering your origin to be worthless is horrible.

I don't really know how are we going to be able to bring about this change. Indeed, its important for us to have pride for having a cultural heritage that dates back to centuries. In mere, 60+ years after independence we have done wonders, and in the years to come that will only continue.

Lastly, this is not intending to claim that we are superior of the whole lot instead I am only trying to tell that there is nothing in us that we have to be ashamed of. Nothing at all! Welcome all the culture and spread ours too! However, if you notice there is a slightest presence of A.D in you (not necessarily visiting from US, but having the inferiority complex) get rid of it this very moment!

Stop complaining instead work towards bringing about the change.


December 16, 2010

Old Lady in the Bus!!!

After 15 minutes of waiting which seemed like eternity, I noticed the bus arriving from a distance and felt a sense of joy a person would feel if he found water in the desert. The way the people ran towards the bus reminded me of the glimpses we see on TV on how survivors of flood or earthquake run towards vehicles getting them food. Finally, I managed to get into the bus and for my surprise also got a seat!!

Thanking my stars I sat and immediately took out the money for the ticket and also a novel on vampires “the Night world”. This madness is all to be blamed on Edward Cullen and the twilight series. Somehow, I couldn't continue reading and placed my Book back in the bag. I then, looked around and was horrified to find the bus crowded in a span of minutes. Phew!!

I looked at all who were standing, some complaining, some wailing continuously  and others cursing the traffic. Soon, I found myself looking towards the door at one particular stop as if expected someone to board the bus. None boarded and a strange sense of disappointment enveloped me. I then realized that subconsciously I was probably waiting for an old lady in her mid 70's to board the bus as always, but alas! I remembered seeing her for the first time around. A big red Bindi on the forehead, graying hair, an old bag, a saree which looked even older and the toothless smile. Her face bore the signs of having aged gracefully. There were wrinkles all over her face, probably it signified the life that she has seen and her experience.

I did not think much about her on the first day except for a thing as to what makes her travel in this crowded bus at such an age. It was when I found her traveling every day that I realized she probably works at this age!!!. I then remembered my Grand Mom who was slightly older than that lady and was upset at how different both their lives were. My Grand Mom have so many people to take care of her. Even though she was always financially independent, I don't think she had a single day in her life where she had to work so hard for it. I was furious at this old Lady's children (if she had any) for making her suffer this way and wondered at the reason which is forcing her to earn. There were days when I have called my Grand Mom immediately after reaching home just because this lady reminded me of her.

Sweetest Grand Mom ever!

Suddenly there was a commotion near the front door and many were yelling at the driver for some reason. I then saw 2-3 people helping an old lady to get in the bus and it then struck that the commotion was because the driver did not even wait for the lady to enter the bus. Needless to say, all I wanted is to thrash him. A school girl seated immediately stood up from her seat making place for this elderly lady to sit. A smile lit up in my face when it occurred to me that its the same OLD LADY.  To my surprise, the girl's Mom yelled at her for lending the seat.  I felt like spanking that lady too for not appreciating that girl's deed and wondered if she knew what she is teaching her daughter. That girl deserved a recognition and her Mother should have been proud of her but she chose only to humiliate her.

The old lady said nothing at all. I somewhere knew that she would not have heard the conversation that the Mom and the daughter had. Moreover, it was just two more stops for the old lady to travel. But, I was amazed to find her rise from her seat even before her stop arrived. Another young lady who was standing moved towards the seat very swiftly to book it for herself, but the old lady did not move an inch. She then called that little girl and gave her a kiss saying “Muddu maga” (sweet child in Kannada). On the arrival of her stop, the old lady offered her seat to the same little girl and apologized to the young lady telling- “She had offered me this seat inspite of carrying this heavy school bag”. She also turned to the girl's mother and told her not to scold the girl since she had done a kind thing and also claimed that if she was not so old, she wouldn't have accepted the favor of being offered a seat. Everyone fell silent, the Mom was embarrassed and all gaped at the old lady. She slowly struggled to get off the bus and walked away and became part of the crowd. It was strange to find the Mother immediately asking her daughter to shift a little so that she can sit. The Bus began moving towards its destination yet again. It was the same beeping, honking and traffic noises all around.

Admiration was what I had for the Old lady for having the gratitude towards a girl so little and respected her for having and urge to thank that girl.
How many of us would do that? I doubt if I would do it myself.
Moreover, how conveniently did the mother ask the girl to lend her the place to sit. Why was it so wrong when the girl did the same for a lady twice her mother's age?
I hope the mother has realized her mistake and wish that the girl continues her good deed time and again.

The last thing I hoped for me was that the next time someone does a favor, however silly it is, I should remember to thank and let them know that their act so kind has not gone unrecognized.

Luv to All and thank you for taking time to read this, :)

December 10, 2010

Lingering thought....

Everyone says you have left.
Everyone thinks its all done,
Everyone tells nothings left,
Now my mind has begun to spin.

I don't know how to prove them wrong,
I want to show all that you are still along.
I will not believe their single word,
But why are your memories so blurred?

Sometimes I do feel they are right,
I feel you are far out of my sight.
Why have you gone so far away?
Leaving all of us here only to stray.

You always did ask us what we wanted,
Only then did you move ahead.
But why this time did you do otherwise,
Am sure you did not think about the outcries.

I wonder if you still see us and smile,
Do you think of us atleast once in a while.
Are you happier in that far away place,
Or have all memories about us been erased.

Luv to al