October 22, 2010

BOSS the Bugger!

This Blog is dedicated to all those employees who have been victims of their obnoxious and lame bosses/ managers.

Ever tried searching for sayings or quotes on BOSS on google?? Try it!!!
I bet 90% would be negative which will only help you to relate with the statement.
The remaining 10% would state desirable qualities in a BOSS which will only help you understand that you that you aren’t the only one suffering and that 10% is all weird fantasies since none with such qualities exist in real ;) Whoa!! makes me feel better.

I have worked with different people, different companies and handling various responsibilities. One thing common with all the bosses is that they have this capability of annoying you in no time. Me being into recruitment is another concern. The Targets and deadlines can give anybody a nightmare and am no exception. It really gets irritating when these managers stroll and drift around in offices relaxed and jobless(the way we do in parks or gardens) as spirits do, having to bother only about whom to blame it on this time to save his ass!! Worst is, if it is the month wherein I haven’t managed reaching my target all I can see is a big question instead of their faces and an aura of numbers formed all around them. ;)

One of my boss deserved to get a “LEGENDARY GOSSIPPER AWARD”. I haven't seen anyone like him and do not wish to either. ;). He could go talking on and on irrespective of the topic, gave his suggestions when least asked, spoke about his perceptions which none valued for and worst was predicted things (all he does is browse am sure he would have read it somewhere) and reminded all that he predicted it before once event occurs. I wonder why he never tried this with our targets or clients or what all we think of him? He would want to know every details of yours from how much did the conductor charge you till what you had for dinner last night. Talk about some local celebrities to him and his flaunting skills are at display. He would be classmate of one, colleague of another and friend of someone whom I bet he would have never ever met. And people say only girls gossip??? Go figure!!!

Those horrible presentation sessions, the only motive of which is jacking the employee. This is what is barbarism, sadism and brutality :( How I wish I was guaranteed that I wouldn’t loose my job,then I would always have a question for a question of theirs. The only reason being all of us know that there are no answers for questions usually asked by them. Some of the encounters I had:
  • Haritha, Tell me what went wrong why haven't you achieved target this time?
    (If I had an answer do you think I would act as a fool gaping at you who I think can replace Suppandi's character!!!)
  • I need you to achieve more numbers tell me how will you go about it?
    [You Moron!!! you need my help for every work of yours, don’t you??? Now you too talk numbers, Whats the hike? ;) ]
  • Why haven't the candidates attended the interview? Why so many no shows? What will I tell the client?
    (All that was left for me to do was give him a pick up n drop facility and I don’t have sixth sense to assess if he meant it when he said he will attend interview. By the way word client makes me happy, now you know what I go through always!! U torturous scoundrel!! that was my Vengeance!!!
  • Why do you need a leave this time?
    (I do not want to see your face for one day!! Sympathy please)

List endless!!! Am sure you all would have to add more too.

Am kinda done blurting out my anger and at ease now. The weekend mood is setting in.. ;)

Its simple man!! U can't choose your boss but in case you ever be one, be the one who would fall not in the 90% not even in the remaining 10% since they are fictional. Begin a new path, set an example on how realistic, sensible and sane headed Managers can be!

Have a happy weekend away from work and yeah! The boss himself!!!

October 15, 2010

Constantly changing us!

Over three weeks of irregularity on blogging, mailing, chatting.. in short being away from internet. Reasons??? Many!!! :)

Loads of changes happening in life and for some reason the monotonous life took a deviation letting me concentrate on things I usually do not deal with.

Today, as I was checking my mails and FB, I felt lost, felt am no more in sync with whats happening around Hundreds of mails made me feel as if I was the most important person people ever knew. Thousands of updates from friends in FB made me feel as if I was in dreamland all these while!!... Internet, social networking has become more of an habit than a need. There would be millions of people like me for whom the day would be incomplete without logging into Gmail or FB!!
Its funny when I think of what weird habits we hook on to. Internet which 5 years back seemed to be a luxury today is just a mere habit! Guess elders would have many more to add on to the list which we could probably not even relate to since for us it always existed.

My Grand Mom who 87 yrs old was born on July 12th, 1923. Whoa!!! Sounds like a lot of time spent in this world! Lots of time, Lots of experience and saw lots of changes. I still remember her excitement when we brought a new TV home and she had to switch on using a remote. She kept on questioning as to how does it work when we press a button!! When she heard music on my phone she asked. Does it have a tape recorder in it? :p I recollect clicking snaps from my laptop along with her and she spent long time gaping at my lappy searching as to where is the camera?She was the one who first brought me a nokia mobile phone. She said she wanted me to have it because its nice and did not have wires to meddle with! ;) There would be much more such instances I can recall if I spend some more time on it.

Change!! is the only constant thing ever! Someone's idea today may sound foolish to all of us but will be tomorrow's reality. Just think would you believe if someone said 15 years back that you could talk to the one in UK Face to Face on your computer with just a click???? .. As technologies increase, World is getting smaller!Nothing is constant, its only changing. So are we!!

We are missing all those little pleasures of life trying to cling on to computer or in our rush to save time. Those long hours of phone calls to our loved ones is now replaced by a 'hi' that pops up from the chat window. Video chatting is told by my many friends as being a boon since they can go home once a year but I also know others who keep their parents happy indulging in it and avoiding all expenses they would have to incur on gifts. ;). Someone once told me its only memories we have for our future and I think we are making no treasure if that statement is true. I wonder what are we going to cherish for later? Is it the web cam we once used, first laptop or any first gadget we bought or cherishing the time spent with our loved one, their smiles when we give surprise visits, their scolding for buying them expensive gifts???..... What would you prefer?

Anyways, three weeks away from internet at least gave me a topic for the blog!! :p