August 31, 2010

Tryst with Destiny

Ever thought how lightly and granted we take things for???... Well some learn it the hard way.....Especially when reality barges through the front door without knocking!

It was just another evening at the girl's house when they (she, her younger brother, Mom and Grandma) were all glued in front of the Idiot box. The girl wanted to watch her favorite channel thought of an idea to persuade all others and snatch away the remote. But she preferred not to back the wrong horse since she usually fails instead to delude them.

She suddenly remembered that her Mom was just out of the kitchen after preparing dinner, but the rice cooker was still on the stove. Without giving a second thought she yelled, “There is fire in the kitchen”. Panic-stricken , she found her Mom running into the kitchen with a very frightful look and her younger brother followed very sincerely. Immediately the thought that ran in the girl's mind was that she is absolutely right when she calls her brother her Mom's follower. But before she could giggle and even think about snatching the remote, she heard a scream from the kitchen.

Knowing that her Mom would berate her, she went towards the Kitchen with lots of hesitation. But, unlike she expected, to her bad luck she saw that her words had turned true and the kitchen was indeed on fire. The pipe connecting the cylinder and the stove had slipped off and there was fire all around the cylinder. The flame was so creepy that it looked like within minutes they would all be engulfed by it. She immediately felt very guilty for having told this and ran over to her Mom saying “Mamma, its untrue. I wanted the remote and I lied”. 

Her Mom was in no state to listen, instead frowned at her. The girl immediately realized that she needs to help her Mom to put off the fire. As she turned, she saw that her brother in his small hands carried a mug of water but panted as though he had to fetch a bucket full of water. Soon, she helped passing on the mug half-filled with water to her mother little realizing how foolish her act looked. Her Mom brushed her aside and tried pulling the Cylinder out of the flames. She stood there still bewildered and remembered that her Dad would be home soon. She suddenly realized how much she would miss him if things were to go wrong. She recollected all the happy moments their family spent together and cursed herself for pulling her Brother's legs often, confronting her Mom's decision at times when she very well knew she was right and not following any of her Dad's words. She then looked at her younger brother and felt very responsible towards him and repented for all those times she made him cry by picking up silly fights.

A voice that seemed far away she felt is now soon approaching towards her and she realized its her Mom calling out to her and pleading her to help them to put off the fire. She immediately wanted to swing into action but was so petrified that did not know what to do. In midst of all these chaos, both hers and her Mom's eyes met and she could see the helplessness in it. She could see the eyes that always assured her things will be alright and the eyes that always had answers for every questions were clueless today. She could see hundreds of questions and helplessness in those eyes. Helplessness of a Mother, Helplessness of a Wife and Helplessness of a daughter in it. 

She did not know what happened the next minute, she heard a loud bang! The deafening noise pierced through her ears and she felt everything stop. She thought of her Dad again and was not ready to accept that things will be soon coming to an end. But, the temperature in the room suddenly dropped . It was with lots of courage that she opened her eyes and was startled to find that the fire that looked like an annihilator was itself destroyed. All of them had the same expressionless face! Then she learnt that her Mom with bare hands had pulled the cylinder down and the fire was set off due to the air pressure. She then remembered the look on her Mom's face. She was so brave as if she cannot feel the pain of the hot iron (gas cylinder) and just had a sole determination and that's to save every one.

Later, both she and her brother helped apply medicine on her Mom's palms which had swollen badly due to burning. Things went on fine once her Dad returned. That night , as she lay on her bed she thought what happened in the evening was just a matter of few minutes but was indeed a Miracle. The magician was none other than her Mom. The brave lady did not receive any medal of honour but, the girl would always remain indebted to her Mom not only for saving all of them all but for making her realize how dependent she was on her family members inspite of always thinking she wanted to be independent and self-reliant.

This was a true story that not many even amongst their relatives know.

Dad (Though not present during the incident)- My Dad, Prakash Chandra K
Brother- My Brother, Amith
Mom- My Mom, Dr. Beena Prakash
Silly Girl- Myself.. :)

August 26, 2010

"Get your Geography Lessons right!!"

“Tu tho Madrasi hai!!!”, “Y are you talking like a Madrasi mahn!!"

Wondering Whats it With Madrasi? Just another annoying experience most South Indians would have come across. Do not intend to offend anyone but I have come across personally many pointing out at a South Indian and calling them a “MADRASI”.Whoa! Let me clarify, I have no issues with Tamilians, infact I enjoy so many tamil movies but its just the attitude with which its told that bugs me.

Once I happened to share this with a friend of mine who co-incidentally happened to be from TN. And there he fumes with Anger.. now, being this silly gal I am for a minute, I felt guilty that I had offended him and then I realized WTF!! he misunderstood me!!.. Looking at him I imagined smoke appearing out of his nose and eyes and everything seemed funny. Once he was done blurting out anger, he looked like this tiger whose had his prey after starving for days but I hated to imagine me being the Prey!! ;)

I later consoled him telling what I meant was I am not offended for the fact of being called Madrasi. Its more with the Tone!!! Common! and its not like they are illiterates not knowing difference between a guy from AP, Kerala, TN and Karnataka. Geography would have been apart of their curriculum too. For that matter Mumbai is in South- west India so are they Madrasis too?? :).. B-Town would be filled with Madrasis then! All calling each other Anna and Thambi!! ;). How would it sound if we addressed a Punjabi as Gujarathi, A Rajasthani as Kashmiri???.. Never thought???.. Then begin now!

“Southis have lots of rice, its so unhealthy!” is another statement. Now, Did having that a flat pancake like bread, usually of whole-wheat flour, baked on a griddle (yuk!!.. that's the dictionary meaning for Chapathi) make you all any thinner and healthier than all of us???. Well I know me being little on the healthier side people will not take this comment seriously...Ok! I accept a littlie too healthy i guess.. ;)

“I don't believe you do not know Hindi. How can you not learn national language??”..Am certain that by now many of you are having a smile on your face recollecting that I heard this one. With all respects to Hindi being our national language,All I need to know is If am leaving in Bangalore/Chennai/Hyderabad (mainly IT crowd) Why the hell do we need to converse in Hindi??. Do you ever think of learning Kannada, Tamil orTelugu?? Neither do you hear us complaining about it, instead you hear the taxi and auto drivers managing to talk Hindi in various funny slangs! ;) Most of the South Indians when in North India am sure would try and manage in Hindi and do not expect them to talk in South Indian dialects.

I find it absurd that it is more evident in the IT field. As luck would have it am from the IT recruitment field and talk people with all different slang, voices, tones, pronunciations on a every day basis. I remember scheduling a Malayalee guy for an interview with one of the top notch IT company who later yells at me on phone for being called a Madrasi by a North Indian interviewer. I just thanked my stars for not being in a face to face conversation with him because I would not have got leave if I was to be hospitalised, worst I would have to undergo a LOP (loss of pay). ;)

Concern is not here about who is a Southie or a Northie. We are all educated fools and do not qualify even to utter such nonsense. We are bestowed with so many lingos, but English even though a foreign language is the one that is a common platform for all of us. Sounds as a cliché but we are all Indians and that remains the fact, If you choose not believe in that then it would be too late when we have all these states claiming they are all individual countries and that you would need visa and passport to travel from Mumbai to Bangalore! (horrified thinking of it :p). India will no more be famous for “UNITY IN DIVERSITY”!!

August 24, 2010

Celebrating a Bond of a Lifetime!

Clicked some yrs back!!

Sweets, money, gifts,, these were the only reason I loved this day!! Raksha Bandhan!! Of Course! I did not realize then the importance of this festival mainly because this is not really the culture in South India.

When I was in my 2nd or third grade I recall having a bundle of rakhis and my plans for the whole day was go to each of the relatives' house in my compound and tie it all brothers(My dad's cousins' kids). I would mostly were a dress with a pocket (I still can recall a black top with a mickey's pocket.) so that I dont find it difficult collecting sweets and all those small silly gifts. I wonder how efficiently I chalked out my plans for the day without help of any one.

There were loads of kids in the compound and it was a happy occasion for all of us only considering the sweets. In school for girls it was more like a competition claiming how many guys have we tied Rakhi to and for guys I guess it was a nightmare. :) Things gradually changed as I grew, by the time I reached college the number of Rakhis I brought decreased. As time passed, this occasion has become the most important simply because today I know the true significance of it! 

When it comes to this year, the only person I tie it to is my brother Amith. The reason being the fact that I have realized how foolish I was all these times. He is very younger to me but I still recall the gifts he would give when we were young. The best and the most treasured would be him giving all his pocket money to me!!. Not because its money, but because that day I realized that he gave me something that he would not ever share with anyone. Its those coins that he treaured the most!! Amith was a person in the family, who had habit of collecting money and I always knew whatsoever may come he is never ever gonna part away with it!! I was taken aback when he gave it to me and I still can recollect those twinkling eyes, innocent face and the cutest smile ever. To confess, I don't really recall what I did with it but am sure it would have gone away in both of hogging on some favorite road side foods mostly being omelette or Chaats. :)

I sometimes wonder why do we have to dedicate a day in a year to each of our loved ones to celebrate the relationship we share. Why dont we give importance to it always. Why should it be one specific time. But guess our ancestors knew that when life takes its toll on us we forget the basic things in life. We humans are also bestowed with this amazing capability to disconnect from the closest of the closest relative just to satisfy our greed. Siblings' relation is one such sacred relationship which is taken far too lightly.
His cutest Pic eva!!!

This is one day when I remember all those fights and tiffs we had, those stupid jokes we shared which none other than both us followed, those little secrets, lies to protect each other from parents, those long drives in my Kine, those long talks we had. Life today seems immensly beautiful!!!
There was a day when all of us would have been with our brother or sisters but never knew we would miss it so badly in future. The Irony is today when I have realized all of my foolishness I am here in Bangalore completely dedicated to my work and chose to post the Rakhi to my brother just 8 hours away which may reach him on time only if the Postman turns out not to be very lazy!! 

Amith's pic of his school days

Its a small thread that has travelled a long long way from pulling each others leg to growing into good buddies. Today its paused, for yet another milestone will be crossed which we call Raksha Bandhan!!

Wish all the brothers and sisters all the happiness!!

August 22, 2010

Identity Crisis..

Guess, its common for lots of us Indians to b confused on our identity..First of all many states with different religion, cultures n languages.. and to add to the confusion castes and subcastes for each of the religion. Whom do v pray to the God in Temple or the Living God??.. Which politics group do v follow.. Even Cricket is become a religion here..

I can recall ma childhood bein a li'l messed up coz of dis. My childhood was amidst all the chaos as to am I from Kerala or KArnataka??? Now, Its from generations that my paternal ancestors are settled in Mangalore but when it comes to relatives from my maternal side, they are completely from Kerala. I always found it difficult to explain ppl as to why do I speak in malayalam inspite of me being a Mangalorean. But, as I grew up I created my own explanations to escape dis question.. ;)

I was never considered as a Malayalee when am wid ma Mallu frenzz and not a Mangalorean when am wid frenz from M'lore!! Worst was if there was any tiffs related to dis topic I always chose to STFU!!.. coz I dint have to contritube to either of them.. I nevr felt the need of it coz I cudnt relate to either of 'em..It always bothered me as to why the hell shd I explain ppl as to what is my identity, .. But as I grew up I learnt, probably a li'l help from elders particularly relatives to make me feel v (my bro n me) belonged to 'em wud help. I call my Malayalam impure version ;) coz its a mix of Malayalam, Kannada and a local language Tulu. All I remember is my relatives often teasing me for what I dint speak but they never bothered to teach me.Guess its our mentality.. all of us.. includin me.. we juzz complain n complain.. whether its of a common person v kno, politics, policies.. anythin.. but none of us ever think of bringin abt a change.. Do We?? World wud ve been a much betta place to live in if it was so.. but am sure if one of us try to bring a change u wud find ppl complainin fo dat as well!!

I don realize when was it that I solely began concentrating on English thinkin ther shd b one language @least which I have fluency in. ;).. @least dis is one effort dats proviong worthwhile in the long run.. The people who supported me in all these times 'n' taught how not 2 bother for such silly allegations were my parents!! Will always b indebted to 'em.

It was for my MBA that I moved out of M'lore and realized now there was whole new challenge. Here I had to convince them of my religion coz many assumed me 2 be a catholic (Der was a gal who thot am from GOA!!.. I quiet liked it tho.. ;)).. Am sure they nvr read that ASSUMING is makin an ASS out of u n me!!! ;).. When I spoke in Kannada  they reacted as if I was a alien out there 'n' I had to constantly remind 'em dat in high school my 2nd language was Kannada..WTF?!??!?

To this day, when I meet new ppl I have to avoid their confusion on my identity. But as years passed by I have realized that there may be millions of Indians wid this problem.. Mine was just btwn 2 states.. der may b ppl who have this issues since they belong to diff countries, religion..

But today, I realize that my whole definition of this IDENTITY stuff is wrong.. may b i learnt it wrong or I was taught wrong.. All I kno today is.. One's Identity doesnt depend on which caste or creed he belongs 2. It doesnt really matter which relegion he follows. whats his nationality or which political party is he influenced by!! These thoughts are really shallow!!

Finally, your identity revolves around wat ppl wil remeber u for?.. And it all comes to a standstill on 2 simple things.. GOOD or BAD!! Am still in my twenties and dunno if I ve done anything gr8 but am certain of one thing that I havent done anyhting for which I can b used as a bad example!!! ;)

 Things are so complicated on the outside with so many differences already created betwn ppl.. @least I choose to remain unaffected with all this!! and fo once in my life think above all these illogical societal norms..

Listen to ur Inner conscience.. dats nvr gonna deceive u.. :)