December 22, 2010

The American Desi

This blog is dedicated to all American Desis/ UK Desis/ Asian Desis whatsoever!
Its merely my thoughts regarding the issue with all due respect for the recognition you have got for yourself and your family with your hard work!!

Overheard the conversation of two employees, one of them who has just returned from on-site (US- whom I will refer as American Desi- A.D) and the other who has not yet got a chance to travel abroad. The conversation began with the American Desi being in full on complaining mood. A.D began narrating as to how progressive life there is, how health conscious people there are, how systematic things are. All this was nice to hear but my process of getting annoyed began at the same time when his comparisons began .

  • It began with him saying we are an under developed country. (Lack of general knowledge, I heard we topped amongst the world's developing countries' list).
  • Indians are all Corrupt. [I wanted to ask him first did he include himself when he said Indian and next, if he did face any issues while applying for Passport and if yes,what exactly did he do next to get it done? ;)]
  • Oh! God the roads here are so dusty (Did you become allergic to dust form the US, because I recollect you being normal prior to it. My sympathies with you A.D!)
  • I cannot have anything spicy man! Its not healthy too [I just have to remind him that he is from Andhra ;)]
  • Whats with the roads in Bangalore man? Always under construction. [Hmmm.. don't think we can be a developed country over night A.D, take a breather! Oh. Yeah careful of the dust dude!! :p]
  • We need to be more progressed and practical man. You should learn it from them.[ Forgot about learning you got from India once you went to US, next visit gulf if possible, you can learn belly dancing, China would be the best, you can then eat anything crawling and creeping in the ground!! Yo! Creepy fellow]
  • Do I need to mention the accent and how horrible it sounds when it comes from them. Off late, in one of the shows I was shocked to see Madhuri indulging in the same. Not to mention how much I love and adore her, but when this came from her my stomach hurt real bad laughing.

This was one American Desi, I have no idea how many more suffer from this abroad return syndrome? I do not claim everyone is the same but I cannot certainly deny that none of them are! As a third party its exciting to hear about a different life they have, the places there, their lifestyle, food habits and certainly their culture. I myself would love to visit another country whenever I get a chance. But, it is most disgusting when you hear them complaining and cribbing about the place they are brought up in. Talk about getting a change, suggest how to go about it, but do not crib and make all of us feel disgusted about our own identity. Anyways, they aren't the only ones to be blamed, are they? We too are!

I don't really understand what is it that draws us towards the Western countries? All of us are part of this chaos, you who are reading this and me the one drafting. I neither deny the fact that they are developed, nor deny they cannot be taken in as a example. The only point of discussion here, is that we are forgetting our origin?. Everything is compared to them, An Indian company is compared to theirs, Our money is compared to theirs, Actors are compared to Hollywood actors, most of all a person like Sachin who has overdone already to prove himself when achieves another milestone is compared to another foreign cricketer. I ask aloud, Why don't we search for a Sachin/ Dhoni in their cricketers?
Why don't we search for a Amitabh Bachchan in Hollywood?
Why don't we search for a qualified PM like ours in another country?
I bet, you don't have an answer simply because they are the best.

Ever thought, why do we think that they are far more superior than us. I agree with the fact that they are developed with the latest technologies and scientific experiments being on their stride, but how does that make them superior? Why are we so self deprecating? As if the suppression by the Britishers wasn't enough, we have now begun degrading ourselves. Have not we still overcome from those suppressed past memories? This concept of we being inferior to them for absolute no reason is passed onto generations. I am not able to find a single area where we haven't contributed or foresee our incapability in anything. Adapting to another culture is one thing, but in the process considering your origin to be worthless is horrible.

I don't really know how are we going to be able to bring about this change. Indeed, its important for us to have pride for having a cultural heritage that dates back to centuries. In mere, 60+ years after independence we have done wonders, and in the years to come that will only continue.

Lastly, this is not intending to claim that we are superior of the whole lot instead I am only trying to tell that there is nothing in us that we have to be ashamed of. Nothing at all! Welcome all the culture and spread ours too! However, if you notice there is a slightest presence of A.D in you (not necessarily visiting from US, but having the inferiority complex) get rid of it this very moment!

Stop complaining instead work towards bringing about the change.


December 16, 2010

Old Lady in the Bus!!!

After 15 minutes of waiting which seemed like eternity, I noticed the bus arriving from a distance and felt a sense of joy a person would feel if he found water in the desert. The way the people ran towards the bus reminded me of the glimpses we see on TV on how survivors of flood or earthquake run towards vehicles getting them food. Finally, I managed to get into the bus and for my surprise also got a seat!!

Thanking my stars I sat and immediately took out the money for the ticket and also a novel on vampires “the Night world”. This madness is all to be blamed on Edward Cullen and the twilight series. Somehow, I couldn't continue reading and placed my Book back in the bag. I then, looked around and was horrified to find the bus crowded in a span of minutes. Phew!!

I looked at all who were standing, some complaining, some wailing continuously  and others cursing the traffic. Soon, I found myself looking towards the door at one particular stop as if expected someone to board the bus. None boarded and a strange sense of disappointment enveloped me. I then realized that subconsciously I was probably waiting for an old lady in her mid 70's to board the bus as always, but alas! I remembered seeing her for the first time around. A big red Bindi on the forehead, graying hair, an old bag, a saree which looked even older and the toothless smile. Her face bore the signs of having aged gracefully. There were wrinkles all over her face, probably it signified the life that she has seen and her experience.

I did not think much about her on the first day except for a thing as to what makes her travel in this crowded bus at such an age. It was when I found her traveling every day that I realized she probably works at this age!!!. I then remembered my Grand Mom who was slightly older than that lady and was upset at how different both their lives were. My Grand Mom have so many people to take care of her. Even though she was always financially independent, I don't think she had a single day in her life where she had to work so hard for it. I was furious at this old Lady's children (if she had any) for making her suffer this way and wondered at the reason which is forcing her to earn. There were days when I have called my Grand Mom immediately after reaching home just because this lady reminded me of her.

Sweetest Grand Mom ever!

Suddenly there was a commotion near the front door and many were yelling at the driver for some reason. I then saw 2-3 people helping an old lady to get in the bus and it then struck that the commotion was because the driver did not even wait for the lady to enter the bus. Needless to say, all I wanted is to thrash him. A school girl seated immediately stood up from her seat making place for this elderly lady to sit. A smile lit up in my face when it occurred to me that its the same OLD LADY.  To my surprise, the girl's Mom yelled at her for lending the seat.  I felt like spanking that lady too for not appreciating that girl's deed and wondered if she knew what she is teaching her daughter. That girl deserved a recognition and her Mother should have been proud of her but she chose only to humiliate her.

The old lady said nothing at all. I somewhere knew that she would not have heard the conversation that the Mom and the daughter had. Moreover, it was just two more stops for the old lady to travel. But, I was amazed to find her rise from her seat even before her stop arrived. Another young lady who was standing moved towards the seat very swiftly to book it for herself, but the old lady did not move an inch. She then called that little girl and gave her a kiss saying “Muddu maga” (sweet child in Kannada). On the arrival of her stop, the old lady offered her seat to the same little girl and apologized to the young lady telling- “She had offered me this seat inspite of carrying this heavy school bag”. She also turned to the girl's mother and told her not to scold the girl since she had done a kind thing and also claimed that if she was not so old, she wouldn't have accepted the favor of being offered a seat. Everyone fell silent, the Mom was embarrassed and all gaped at the old lady. She slowly struggled to get off the bus and walked away and became part of the crowd. It was strange to find the Mother immediately asking her daughter to shift a little so that she can sit. The Bus began moving towards its destination yet again. It was the same beeping, honking and traffic noises all around.

Admiration was what I had for the Old lady for having the gratitude towards a girl so little and respected her for having and urge to thank that girl.
How many of us would do that? I doubt if I would do it myself.
Moreover, how conveniently did the mother ask the girl to lend her the place to sit. Why was it so wrong when the girl did the same for a lady twice her mother's age?
I hope the mother has realized her mistake and wish that the girl continues her good deed time and again.

The last thing I hoped for me was that the next time someone does a favor, however silly it is, I should remember to thank and let them know that their act so kind has not gone unrecognized.

Luv to All and thank you for taking time to read this, :)

December 10, 2010

Lingering thought....

Everyone says you have left.
Everyone thinks its all done,
Everyone tells nothings left,
Now my mind has begun to spin.

I don't know how to prove them wrong,
I want to show all that you are still along.
I will not believe their single word,
But why are your memories so blurred?

Sometimes I do feel they are right,
I feel you are far out of my sight.
Why have you gone so far away?
Leaving all of us here only to stray.

You always did ask us what we wanted,
Only then did you move ahead.
But why this time did you do otherwise,
Am sure you did not think about the outcries.

I wonder if you still see us and smile,
Do you think of us atleast once in a while.
Are you happier in that far away place,
Or have all memories about us been erased.

Luv to al

November 25, 2010

Turmoil Within!!

Love, for me was pure,
Love, for me was divine!
I was of that so sure,
Until my love she did decline!!

I know not what she meant,
I know not should she repent!
I know not why is she hell-bent,
I know not what to comment!!

I know not why things are messed,
I know not why is she depressed!
I know not what to confess,
I know not why I failed to impress!!

I know not what brought about the change,
I know not how to deal with the pain!
I know not if I will ever pass her lane,
I know not how to refrain!!

I know not why she thinks of me lame,
I know not whom to blame!
I know not if she is thinking the same,
I know not if she has already forgotten my name!!

I know I have tried always to be correct,
I know I always for her had respect!
I know I am not so perfect,
But is that a reason for her to neglect!!

Who says love is immortal?
Who dare say it doesn't fade away!
I now believe nothing lasts forever,
Everything ends one final day!!

 P.S: This is just a poem... has nothing to do with my current state!!! ;)

November 23, 2010

By the river side!!!

When the noise out is so loud,
that her voice you do not hear.
When the street has so much crowd,
that you simply do not see her.
Do remember that out in the night, In the pale moonlight
She still awaits you,
By the river-side.

When in your work you are so engrossed,
that you don't even have slightest of her thought
When all you want in life is success,
that not even a hurdle can make you stop.
Do remember that out in the night, in the pale moonlight
She still awaits you,
By the river-side.

When all you want is to win,
that you do not even bother about any sin.
When you find happiness in worldly pleasures,
that your friends and enemies you fail to measure.
Do remember that out in the night, in the pale moonlight
She still awaits you,
By the river-side.

When you finally achieve your goal,
that now you want a new dream to behold.
But then realize that you did not win but loose,
that wrong people you have always chose.
If you feel completely left alone,
so much that in pain you moan.
When the pain is from the inside
that you do not how will it subside.
Do remember that out in the night, in the pale moonlight
She still awaits you,
By the river-side.


November 18, 2010


The smell so fresh,
The taste so pure,
The sound so soothing,
I love when it downpours.

Earth begins cleansing itself with a greenish tinge everywhere we see, the trees merrily dancing and moving to the direction of the breeze, the lakes and ponds unite with the sea as if they always belonged together, the paper boats made by kids cruise through the small gutters as if they are all set free, then there is a lightning followed by the thunder flaunting their loyalty, the smell of the mud helps us relax and reminds us that its where we will all eventually go. Once it stops pouring, a rainbow flashes up in the sky as if to pass on a sign that all the impurities in the world is washed away. If the peacock's dance just before the rain, the chirping birds all return to their nests, the fishes are all happily swirling in the water while the dogs runs to a shade with the fear of getting wet.

The Rain has been magical and always been an inspiration to people irrespective of their interests, a writer, an artist, a photographer or a mere enthusiast. There are immense amount of articles describing rain, the poems praising it, the pictures capturing its beauty. Rain always brings happiness and smiles and makes everything so much more livelier.

Simple reasons where enough to make us happy in our childhood. As a child, a permission to get drenched in the rain gave me pleasure which the most expensive toy failed to do. Purposely jumping on the puddle of muddy water made me cheer. The joy doubled when I knew that this act has resulted with a splash on a friend and that he would soon return the favor. Dancing in the rain was one of the beautiful experiences. The colorful umbrellas we then loved, gave complex even to the mighty rainbow. Most excitement the rain brought along with it was that I would get a new shoe, a new umbrella, and a new bag. Small things then would make me happy like a hot plate of bajji and glass of milk when its pouring heavily. The joy of cuddling inside a woolen blanket made me feel so secure from the deadly cold outside.

As a teenager, a ride on the two wheeler when its still drizzling, the feeling of the cold breeze brushing through my hair, the droplets of rain falling on my face very gently taking care that am not hurt brought immense joy. A ride on the vehicle immediately after the rain, made me feel completely rejuvenated. A gang of friends fought for one umbrella and all ended up being wet, the scoldings I got for the dirtied clothes and the caressing hand of the parent that wiped the wet hair in fear of me catching cold is some of the most cherished pleasures of life. The look in the Mom's eyes when we sneezed after getting wet which said- “I told you!!!” and a smile that we return which says “Sorry” are all such precious moments.

But why today, it fails to bring the same joy?
Why does it not make me happy anymore?
Why do I only complain when it rains?
Why do I find the same muddy puddle of water which made me happy very dirty?
Why do I think a hundred times to wear white worrying if it would rain?
Why do I check and re-check my bag for the umbrella?
Why only the thought of getting wet freaks me out?
Why do I not notice the same rainbow which is as colorful as ever?
Why do I not feel guilty when I do not overturn the tilted paper boat made by some kid and see it getting washed away?

Is it not the same rain?
Is it not the same trees still swaying as per the wind's wish without questioning?
Is it not the same fishes swirling in the water merrily?
Is it not the same water trying to unite with the vast sea?
Is it not the same earth that’s still cleansing itself?

Or, Is it not the same me?

I fail to understand what has caused this sudden change and disconnect with me and the nature. I cannot follow why do I not enjoy the smell of the earth, the cold breeze, or the splash of water anymore. Nothing else has changed over time, Has it? Everything seems to be the same for eternity and seems so divine except for me. Is it that I have forgotten to enjoy little pleasures that life offers without seeking anything in return? Is it that I am so engulfed with the materialistic world that I do not even find time to sit by the window and see the beautiful pearl like droplets falling from the sky and seek pleasure!!! How strange is it? We still wish to be a child and think of reliving our childhood, when there are so many things that are constant and can gives us the same nostalgic feeling. Its just we who do not value it anymore in our quest to achieve things of least importance.

Just try dancing in the rain again, just the way you did as a child and see how exhilarating that experience will be!!


November 17, 2010

Why at times???

Why at times am I so annoyed ?
When I know, no one but myself is the reason.
Why at times at times do I frown ?
When I know it hurts my own loved one.

Why at times do I not blurt out my thoughts?
When I know there are people to listen.
What am I worried of ?
When I know once told its all gonna be fun.

Why at times do I worry about hurting people ?
When I know that I am bleeding within.
Why at times do not I think of myself ?
When I know thats something I always needed to learn.

Why at times do I feel lost?
When I know its just a new path.
Why at times do I feel I walk alone?
When I know thats the same with every person.


Why at times do I feel like flying?
When I know the fall can be fatal.
Why at times do I not stop fighting?
When I know there is no actual battle.

Why at times do I feel my world is getting smaller?
When I know I just have to lend out my hand.
Why at times do I feel there is no one?
When I know there are people who wont let me strand.

Why at times do I feel detached ?
When I know am one among the crowd.
Why at times do I feel skeptical?
When I know life is a beautiful debacle.

Why at times do I feel am of no good?
When I know I too brought about smiles.
Why at times I cannot be simply happy?
When I know life is all worthwhile.


November 16, 2010

Soul Trapped in the Wrong Body!!!

Ever wondered how would it feel to be neglected, constantly mocked for being the way you are? What would one go through when one knows that being themselves is causing uneasiness, humiliation and embarrassment for their own loved ones? How difficult would it be to accept the reason for their parents disowning them is just because they are a little different from the rest of the society?

I am referring to the Hijra community (referred so in India for eunuchs) which is on the rise and need our attention or may be help. I do sympathize with them and feel that we from the normal society are the sole reason for all this mess. Why do not we understand when they say they are a soul entrapped in a wrong body. I wonder who told us that there are mere two genders in this world. How are we dam sure of it? Is it because we took story of Adam and Eve so seriously that we choose not to believe the fact before our eyes??

If you are aware, there are animals mainly Fishes which possess characteristics of both male and female species. They have chromosomes of both the genders. What I do not follow is that when we look at such facts in a positive way and conduct hundreds of studies spending Crores of rupees just to know what causes it or how is it helpful, why do not we even treat our fellow humans with such characteristics normally? Who has given us the right to proclaim and preach that there are only two genders in this world? What if there surely needs to be a category for people who are a little different than us or is it that they are far more superior as compared to us by possessing traits of both the gender?

We as a society have to be blamed for creating such a wide gap between us and them. The Gap which is so huge that cannot be easily filled. Children mock at them, people on the roads stare at them passing comments, friends deceive them and sadly their parents too disown them once they know the fact and all this for no mistake of theirs. I do not think they are cowards because they stay away from our so called society, instead we are Cowards and stereotyped fools. For some reason, we shy away from them, only to feel belonged to the society? It is obvious that they will have hatred and anguish in their hearts and will surely pass it onto their community. Their indulging in obscene acts on roads causing embarrassment is all a result of our own non-acceptance. We are paying the price for our own deeds.

Having said all this, I would like to believe that mistakes are committed from both the ends, us and them. Its now time for them to understand us too. They cannot deny the signs of acceptance the society is showing. Huge example would be declaring homosexual weddings legal. Time probably will heal these issues. However hard they defend themselves I fail to understand their reason to beg and demand our hard earned money. Why should we pay them who are themselves capable of earning? This act of begging is also claimed to be a huge racket because if one refuses to abide by their demands then a gang of theirs would arrive only to indulge in actions to publicly embarrass us. This behavior of theirs can be considered anti-social and cannot be justified at all. I rather pay money to an old person or a handicapped fellow human being or even a hungry child. But why them?? Just because they belong to the category of third sex and can conveniently blame us for not giving them their due recognition or fair chance? They will talk of ill of society for having sidelined them at every step? Who will help them realize that their involving in such obnoxious and filthy acts is not working in their favor instead is going to take them further away from the society.

Our society, for sure has to go out of its way probably to remove the scars left not only in all their hearts but even deep in their souls for centuries now for the neglect caused. When we take a step for their progress they too will have to walk towards us rather than move a step behind. However, this issue has been prolonging from too long for one party or one decision to be able to resolve it overnight. A solution can be brought about successfully only when both of us co-operate and work on uplifting them so that they too can contribute to our society and be one among us. I do not see a point in creating two different worlds amidst us when we all live on the same planet, with similar needs, have similar habits, similar liberties, emotions, strengths and weaknesses. Respect for each other probably can make wonders happen.

But the question still lingers. How is it possible? Who will take the initiative to make it happen and free all of us from the sins we have indulged in by merely neglecting and ill treating a part of our own society?

Signing off on that note,

November 4, 2010

Happy Diwali!

Diwali is said to be the festival of lights, light which ends darkness, with which comes a new hope, a new day, a new happiness and a new life! Light ends all the evil and makes path only for the good to come. Likewise, with this Diwali hope all the negativity comes to an end in the world, but most importantly within o...urselves!
May only morality, good and truth Triumph!!
Happy Diwali all! :)

Luv 2 all,

November 3, 2010

Out Of My Window!!!

There would be lots of people who are fond of window seat while traveling, isn’t it?. Well, I too fall into the same category but I never wished to blessed with a window seat in office. If it is a lazy day at work (tell me which day isn't?) I always find myself gaping outside the window. There are lots of things you can get engrossed in- the traffic, roadside vendors, a school, and a little ahead is the huge UB city building reminding me of Mallya Maamu which again gets me thinking as to yet another famous Mangalorean and a sense of pride emerges, with a certainty that am not gonna be that lucky! ;)

It was not long after I began my work, that all of us at office where disturbed with noises. Initially, I did not pay much attention but the sound just got louder, there was music, lots of voices, there were drums and cheers. Immediately, realizing it is from the school I turned towards the window to find all the students standing in one straight line for their sports day. From the fifth floor, these students looked like ants following each other in uniformity. Recollecting my days at school during sports day and as to how much we baked ourselves in sun immense amount of sympathy poured out for these students.

After all the torturous moments I saw the kids be their usual self and run helter skelter only to come back again with lots of balloons tied together. There were only two colours Yellow and Green (Ah! Love the combi) The bundles were many but each bundle comprised of same color either yellow or green. Then we all heard something like a gunshot and soon the balloons were released, thousands of them each with some messages on it followed by claps and cheers. All of us felt like we are viewing some historic moment and indeed the sky looked beautiful filled with yellow and green spots. My thoughts immediately ran into a story I had heard as a child.

My Mom was a voracious reader and had read out a true story to me from Reader's digest. It was of a little girl, Isabella from Canada or so. If I recall correctly, Isabella lived in the country side along with her Mom and Grand Parents. Her father had passed away when she was small and she always pestered her mom with too many questions regarding him. In an attempt to make her daughter feel secured and cared for, her Mom had given all possible explanations. Finally, it was on the occasion of his Birthday, that Isabella began her tantrums telling she wanted to talk to her dad. Mom again told her daughter that her Dad is in heaven helping God in his work. Isabella now wanted send her message to the sky. Confused and helpless, Her Mom came up with an idea of blowing a balloon and writing a message on it and then releasing it away so that it reached her Dad. Isabella all excited followed exactly what her Mom said. The messeage read-

“Hi Daddy,

Happy Birthday!I Love you,
Mom says you are in heaven helping God but I want you to come back to us now!
Please tell God Daddy.

Miss you, Bella"

She had then added their house address too.

Isabella was happy and awaited her Dad's response patiently as days passed by. Days became weeks, weeks turned into more than a month. Soon she ran out of patience and her Mom with all the possible justifications. It was one afternoon, that Isabella's Grand mom received a letter which was for her grand daughter. She was amazed and on opening it was in a state of shock. The letter read-

“Hi Bella,

Daddy misses you too. I do not think I would be able to come soon.
But I promise to try.

Love Daddy."

As the letter passed through each member in the house it was the grandfather who saw an address mentioned below with a contact number . Giving up to Bella's tantrums again they dialed the number so that she could speak to the person she thought was her dad and all wondered who.

Soon the story revealed. The response had come from a childless couple from some other part of the country who had found this balloon stuck up in one of their fields. In an attempt to make the child happy they had responded with the sweet letter. Soon, began the continuous exchange of messages. As Bella grew up she realized the truth but the two families had already bonded together very well. It was followed with the first visits they made to see Bella, following with she spending her vacations there. It had been years since the incident had happened and they were all still in touch according to the book.

A mere message on a balloon gave two families all happiness they craved for. If it gave Bella her Father, the childless couple were blessed too. One Balloon, One mere lie to keep her daughter happy brought destinies of two different families from different parts of the country who would otherwise never know each other together for eternity.

Soon, the loud drums and honking from vehicles outside brought me back to my senses. By then, the balloons had all traveled too far away and the sky was all clear. I again realized how bad is it to have a seat next to window!! I had lost close to half an hour already and my work is still pending!


October 22, 2010

BOSS the Bugger!

This Blog is dedicated to all those employees who have been victims of their obnoxious and lame bosses/ managers.

Ever tried searching for sayings or quotes on BOSS on google?? Try it!!!
I bet 90% would be negative which will only help you to relate with the statement.
The remaining 10% would state desirable qualities in a BOSS which will only help you understand that you that you aren’t the only one suffering and that 10% is all weird fantasies since none with such qualities exist in real ;) Whoa!! makes me feel better.

I have worked with different people, different companies and handling various responsibilities. One thing common with all the bosses is that they have this capability of annoying you in no time. Me being into recruitment is another concern. The Targets and deadlines can give anybody a nightmare and am no exception. It really gets irritating when these managers stroll and drift around in offices relaxed and jobless(the way we do in parks or gardens) as spirits do, having to bother only about whom to blame it on this time to save his ass!! Worst is, if it is the month wherein I haven’t managed reaching my target all I can see is a big question instead of their faces and an aura of numbers formed all around them. ;)

One of my boss deserved to get a “LEGENDARY GOSSIPPER AWARD”. I haven't seen anyone like him and do not wish to either. ;). He could go talking on and on irrespective of the topic, gave his suggestions when least asked, spoke about his perceptions which none valued for and worst was predicted things (all he does is browse am sure he would have read it somewhere) and reminded all that he predicted it before once event occurs. I wonder why he never tried this with our targets or clients or what all we think of him? He would want to know every details of yours from how much did the conductor charge you till what you had for dinner last night. Talk about some local celebrities to him and his flaunting skills are at display. He would be classmate of one, colleague of another and friend of someone whom I bet he would have never ever met. And people say only girls gossip??? Go figure!!!

Those horrible presentation sessions, the only motive of which is jacking the employee. This is what is barbarism, sadism and brutality :( How I wish I was guaranteed that I wouldn’t loose my job,then I would always have a question for a question of theirs. The only reason being all of us know that there are no answers for questions usually asked by them. Some of the encounters I had:
  • Haritha, Tell me what went wrong why haven't you achieved target this time?
    (If I had an answer do you think I would act as a fool gaping at you who I think can replace Suppandi's character!!!)
  • I need you to achieve more numbers tell me how will you go about it?
    [You Moron!!! you need my help for every work of yours, don’t you??? Now you too talk numbers, Whats the hike? ;) ]
  • Why haven't the candidates attended the interview? Why so many no shows? What will I tell the client?
    (All that was left for me to do was give him a pick up n drop facility and I don’t have sixth sense to assess if he meant it when he said he will attend interview. By the way word client makes me happy, now you know what I go through always!! U torturous scoundrel!! that was my Vengeance!!!
  • Why do you need a leave this time?
    (I do not want to see your face for one day!! Sympathy please)

List endless!!! Am sure you all would have to add more too.

Am kinda done blurting out my anger and at ease now. The weekend mood is setting in.. ;)

Its simple man!! U can't choose your boss but in case you ever be one, be the one who would fall not in the 90% not even in the remaining 10% since they are fictional. Begin a new path, set an example on how realistic, sensible and sane headed Managers can be!

Have a happy weekend away from work and yeah! The boss himself!!!

October 15, 2010

Constantly changing us!

Over three weeks of irregularity on blogging, mailing, chatting.. in short being away from internet. Reasons??? Many!!! :)

Loads of changes happening in life and for some reason the monotonous life took a deviation letting me concentrate on things I usually do not deal with.

Today, as I was checking my mails and FB, I felt lost, felt am no more in sync with whats happening around Hundreds of mails made me feel as if I was the most important person people ever knew. Thousands of updates from friends in FB made me feel as if I was in dreamland all these while!!... Internet, social networking has become more of an habit than a need. There would be millions of people like me for whom the day would be incomplete without logging into Gmail or FB!!
Its funny when I think of what weird habits we hook on to. Internet which 5 years back seemed to be a luxury today is just a mere habit! Guess elders would have many more to add on to the list which we could probably not even relate to since for us it always existed.

My Grand Mom who 87 yrs old was born on July 12th, 1923. Whoa!!! Sounds like a lot of time spent in this world! Lots of time, Lots of experience and saw lots of changes. I still remember her excitement when we brought a new TV home and she had to switch on using a remote. She kept on questioning as to how does it work when we press a button!! When she heard music on my phone she asked. Does it have a tape recorder in it? :p I recollect clicking snaps from my laptop along with her and she spent long time gaping at my lappy searching as to where is the camera?She was the one who first brought me a nokia mobile phone. She said she wanted me to have it because its nice and did not have wires to meddle with! ;) There would be much more such instances I can recall if I spend some more time on it.

Change!! is the only constant thing ever! Someone's idea today may sound foolish to all of us but will be tomorrow's reality. Just think would you believe if someone said 15 years back that you could talk to the one in UK Face to Face on your computer with just a click???? .. As technologies increase, World is getting smaller!Nothing is constant, its only changing. So are we!!

We are missing all those little pleasures of life trying to cling on to computer or in our rush to save time. Those long hours of phone calls to our loved ones is now replaced by a 'hi' that pops up from the chat window. Video chatting is told by my many friends as being a boon since they can go home once a year but I also know others who keep their parents happy indulging in it and avoiding all expenses they would have to incur on gifts. ;). Someone once told me its only memories we have for our future and I think we are making no treasure if that statement is true. I wonder what are we going to cherish for later? Is it the web cam we once used, first laptop or any first gadget we bought or cherishing the time spent with our loved one, their smiles when we give surprise visits, their scolding for buying them expensive gifts???..... What would you prefer?

Anyways, three weeks away from internet at least gave me a topic for the blog!! :p


September 15, 2010

Appealing the Almighty!!!

It was just the last weekend that I visited my hometown, Mangalore. It was a very unplanned visit and since it was a long weekend reaching the bus stand in Bangalore (Majestic) was a challenge in itself. I had to leave my place one hour prior just to ensure I do not miss the bus. It was an utter confusion since, I initially thought of travelling via a city bus but eventually had to drop the plan and take an auto mainly due to the lack of time. Once in Auto, it was the bargain I had to focus on and after I assured myself that it was not atleast a lose lose situation (because win win situation with the drivers here is next to impossible) I got into it.

Next hassle to follow was the traffic. It felt as if all the people in Bangalore are travelling to the same place as I was. Just to convince myself that I have put in all the efforts to reach on time, I began pleading to the driver and make it fast. It was all so messy, so noisy, so annoying and disturbing that I did not even bother to listen to what was the driver was trying to say. After a while, I finally got exhausted listening to my own voice and chose to keep quiet. It did not take long time for me to relax because I could see many in the traffic who had lots of luggage and I was assured that am not the only one.

Next to me in a motorcycle were two people who shared the same fate as mine. The pillion rider was a girl who was continuously murmuring something to herself. I suddenly realized how foolish I would have looked all these while and blushed. Its only when we neared a temple I learnt that she was actually praying. I found it funny and thought of a prayer I could chant, but as usual I was blank because I hardly know any.

Exhausted and panting I reached my bus. To my surprise , I noticed that the girl on the motorcycle was seated adjacent to me. Stragely enough, a smile lit up on my face looking at her and a question lurked in my head if she did remember to thank God as her prayers were answered. Once the journey began, I put on my I-pod preferring to listen to music rather than hear the noise of the traffic. The sonorous drone of the rain outside as well helped me relax. I again looked at the girl praying (the act of touching her forehead and chin, practiced this thrice) and wondered what is actually bothering her that she is disturbing God the Almighty so many times. Then I noticed that she did so because she saw a small temple outside the window. Thinking lots of stuffs wanted and unwanted and cursing everyone I could for making it impossible for me to have dinner I fell asleep with the soothing music still playing in my ears.

It was when I began feeling the temperature increase that I woke up to check what went wrong. Realizing that the bus had come to a halt, I adjusted myself in the seat and put off the music. I was far too hungry to go find a reason now and exclaimed “ Oh! God, not again”. It was with a lightning speed that the image of that girl came into my mind when I said God and I turned back to check and again strangely felt good to see her safe in her seat. Yet again, the bus moved, journey continued and so did her chanting. Her prayers seemed endless throughout the journey whether it was that the bus stops for some time or we passing through another temple.

I wondered throughout the journey what was it that forced her to remember God every moment simply because I could not relate to it. Immediately, there were images of  lots of people I knew that began flashing, who followed this habit of praying every time they saw a God's image. I am not very pious,In fact not even close to claiming am regular in prayers. I never questioned the existence of God, but somehow never managed to make praying a habit. Praying for me till date is a conversation between me and God. Strangely, I realized that I talk to him in English off late. Its a normal conversation I have with him as with any of my friends. I remember one of my friend looking at me as if I do not belong to the human clan when I told her one day “Chill man! God will understand. Do not worry”

My Dad has turned religious very late in his life which he himself accepts and has the opinion that I will learn the reason myself over the period. As for my Mom, I recollect she always told me that God is more of a positive force. He is someone we rely on when we feel things are all out for our control. She always believed that we humans always were programmed in a way that depending on an external force which felt is superior to us is a must. God, she believed is a guiding light, something that made us believe in ourselves, something which according to her helped us focus on our work than bother about the results and during times of agony or loss is a source on which we could blame things on. I must say, I did try this blaming thing in lots of instances and strangely enough it did help me relax.

Like every one else my opinions are based on my experiences. I do not know if I am right or wrong but to confess, I have mostly questioned him than accept things the way they are. God would agree that I am quiet a rebellious child of his.

We all who believe in his existence or something that we feel he is just a force binding everything together or someone who thinks they have to pray purely because they do not want to go to hell once dead ;) I believe should question ourselves.

Spending thousands on a pooja or helping a needy would make him happy?
Does killing people and fellow humans in his name ensure that we are getting a ticket to heaven?
Will deserting our parents when they are old help us justify our action if we ever are to meet him?
Does recalling him only to ask him for blessings every time satisfy him?
Is there any explanation for quotas in college or work based on ones religion and caste where innocent suffer?
Did God really create all these religion for us to fight amongst ourselves and prove our bravery?
Will forcing another to convert or to pray regularly avoid all the troubles in his or her life?
Whom are the believers of honour killing where the victim's family doesn't even shed a tear really honour?

We would all get many more points if we think. All these complications are created by us alone. Solution lies within us for all the problem that persists but we still choose to blame him for silliest of the silly things. I do not really know if the girl in the bus had any serious problem but she was an indirect reason for me to think of him and our foolishness for so long at that point of time when most of the people in the world were sleeping. I chose to thank her for making me think of him and prayed to him to take care of her issue, if any.... Again, I put on the music and began listening to one of my favourite tracks and in no time lost myself in the world of music... :)