June 23, 2019

Varied Perspectives!

For him, was light diminishing,
For her, it was the Stars shining!
For him, it was darkness beginning,
And for her, it was the moonlight spreading!!

For him, it was the time to return to his nest,
For her, it was the hour to get out, dressed her best!
For him, it was a day ending,
And for her, it was hope of a new beginning!!

Because, it's only after a sunset can there before a sunrise,
Because it takes the hardest fall for one to bounce up and rise!!


P.S- It's been a long time peeps! Hoping all of you are still around. Please keep your feedback coming! I would love to read them.

January 23, 2017


He had tried in all his might, but now had to accept that it wasn’t really that easy to convince her. According to him, she didn’t really make any attempt to come out of her boundaries. He didn’t like the fact that she was guarded all the time. He wanted her to come out of the walls she confined herself in. When she had failed this time too, he had to call it quits.
While walking out on her, for what looked like the last time ever, he exclaimed- “You have built the walls around you, yourself. I am tired of advising that you need to break your boundaries. I can only show you the door, you got to escape through. But, you refuse to take notice of it even. I am done.”
She looked at him through his outburst. One part of her felt she understood every word he said, but yet another did not. It was always clear that he did not approve of her quite demeanor. She knew she was never his type. He expected her to change a lot of her personality and attitude to be accepted. All these while, she worked hard to be just that because it was for the first time, that someone noticed her and tried to help. She wanted to be all that he said. She wanted to change all of her traits just because all she wanted was HIM. 
Today, as he walked out, she sat there expressionless. She didn’t know what to make out of this entire episode. It was like a storm had come in out of nowhere and destroyed all that was left of her. She had to gather all shattered pieces of herself to able to function again. Earlier, she probably wasn’t perfect but surely,was at peace with herself. Alas! Now, she was left in utter chaos not knowing what to do with her own self. She was stuck in between both the Worlds.

As she saw him walk away, she wondered if he ever understood her. He was right when he spoke about the walls she had built around her and the limitations she had set to herself. He was accurate when he claimed that she is the only one who can break it too. But, he was wrong when he spoke about the doors through which she could escape. That is because, there never was even a window, forget the door. She had built the wall not from fancy marbles, but with every brick thrown at her. She had ensured that there was no outlet for anyone to barge in. To get out of it she had to struggle her way up the wall. What he didn’t understand was that building the walls itself was her escape plan. If she ever tried breaking out, it was only for him. It wasn’t as simple a walking out of a door. She had to struggle her way up, to get out of it.
Strangely, now she realized that this person had always stood outside the wall and expected her to join him. He never bothered to check what was in offer inside those walls, but assumed it to be a dark dungeon. He never attempted throwing in a ladder. All he did was persuade. Yet, she got carried away. She had tried in all her might, to crawl up the wall. She fell down several times, bruised herself only to rise up again and try. The days she tried hard was when she couldn’t hear him, from the outside. She feared him gone.
Today, she did battle it out finally and crawled up to the walls. She was puzzled when he never offered her the final hand to lift her up. That was all he had to do. Lend his hand and drag her to his world which he called beautiful. Exactly that moment, he had given up. He didn’t understand, what it took for her to crawl out of her world, the world she had built. That day she realized that HE WAS ALWAYS SO FULL OF HIMSELF. She continued looking at him from the thin line between both their worlds, as his silhouette faded away.
All she could do is let out a tear and fall back. It was a freefall. Back into HER bed of RED roses.

From where she saw, it was her paradise.

P.S: I think boundaries don't keep others out, but fences you within.This is dedicated to all those people who have at some point in life felt not in sync with the way things around them work and have set limits for themselves merely as an act of self-protection. Its dedicated to all you people, who are so fiercely loyal that you are willing to take the plunge. To you, who has the courage to stand alone and face the storm. To all you people, who are willing to freefall into nothingness and still find your happiness. 

September 17, 2016

Cosmic Connection!

She wanted to run. Run away from all the misery. Run away from everyone and everything that once was her LIFE. She wanted to escape it a world unknown. A world with no expectations. A world which didn’t set boundaries. She wanted to just get away into a world which had no agony and distress.

And so she began her escapade. She ran without bothering which road she took. She ran with no destination in mind. She didn’t wait for a second to think about the river she will have to cross or the hill she has to climb. All she did was flee. She crossed the paths shredded with stones and managed to get out of the deep jungles. But, none of these could stop her. She continued despite running out of breath. She neither quenched her thirst nor gave a moment of rest to her worn-out legs.

She ran like never before and like there is never after.

But as she did this, lost in her own woe, she didn’t see the guy running beside her. He tried hard to keep up with her and match her pace. He tried in all his might, for her to see him and kept up with her. When he would manage to get close enough to grab her hand, either her pace would increase or he would slow down. Just like her, nothing could deter him too. He was persistent and wouldn’t let her get away.

Finally, he had to take his leap. A LEAP OF FAITH. He had to take the plunge because it was now or never.And so he did. He took the leap and successfully grabbed her hand. Never to let go. She seemed stubborn initially but he knew she would soon feel the thorns beneath her feet and will stop. He knew she will have to look around and realize that when they both are together, life was beautiful.

She had to see the blooming flowers and not focus on the thorns.
She had to feel the gentle river than worry about the rough waves.
She had to hear the music of the chirping birds and not of the people who cussed.
He wanted her to love the warmth of the Sun without worrying about the coldness that moon brought along.
He wanted her to feel the breeze on her lovely tresses and not tie it up in a bun anymore.
He wanted her to feel so secure when she held his hand that, she would want to stop escaping.

It wasn’t easy at all. When he held her hand, he was taken aback by the force with which she moved forward. He was bothered by her reluctance to bounce back. Yet, he didn’t let go of his grip. After what seemed like eternity, he was successful. But, it took time. Even though she did not hold his hand, she did allow him to hold hers. This was a welcoming sign. The only sign he ever wanted. He knew how to build it on from that very moment.

Because, all along he knew they two were part of a cosmic story.

A story that was yet untold.